06 August 2012

KingCast and Michael Holman query, "Is NH Deputy AG Ann Rice a liar, and is Madison Police Chief John Pickering a descendant of impeached NH Federal Judge John Pickering?"

Inquiring minds want to know, because Mr. Holman and I see certain personality traits in both men, to wit: 
"John Pickering of New Hampshire served nine years on the federal bench before being removed in 1804. Pickering had not been convicted of any crime; his impeachment stemmed from accusations of smuggling, political favoritism, greed, drunkenness and insanity."
Stick around Mr. Pickering, Mr. Holman has counsel and they will be having a Word with you concerning your past and continued efforts to steal Mr. Holman's children from him..... and give them to the crack and heroin-addicted mother who has repeatedly endangered them, resulting in a coma and drug busts at the house. And as you know from the video State Rep Kevin Avard is curious. Yes, many words will be had, and I will be right there with KingCast cameras to document it. As a former Law Enforcement attorney I respect law and order, but I will give no quarter to corruption and cronyism. Just ask these idiots down in Lowell who are also giving a black man a hard time with his concerns over some abuse his children are potentially sustaining. Like you, they tried to turn it around on the father but I wouldn't let that happen because of the lessons I have learned from watching you violate Mr. Holman's Civil Rights. Retired LE Officer Ralph Holder and many others suffer similar fates. I love the way the NH AG's office, under Kelly Ayotte, replied to a FOIA/RSA 91-A request with just a cover page to a 9 page fax, and nothing else, after years of events.... but more importantly after she first identified 57 pages as seen in the thumbnail letter to Mr. Holman...err, Plaintiff Holman to you......You guys are basically criminals with badges and you don't fool me for one minute. Once again I am completely skeeved out by NH State behavior.

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