16 August 2012

Judge Debra Silber GLBT Reverse Discrimination against Sandy Chadee pt.2.

The New York Courts are reading along!
What's next?
Try to order the fit mother to undergo psychiatric examination
to try to cover their tracks, that's what's next.
Remember, I was a State Attorney I know The Game.

1 Sept 2012 update: Carlos Pena (the father) assaulted a police officer last night when mother served papers for visitation modification on him because of bad environment. He is still in jail. Forensic physician said he was "intrinsically violent." 

The Rule 59E Motion was denied, look what I wrote to Ms. Shadee:
Judge Mauskopf is being completely disingenuous, it does much more than restate your original position, it mentions the fact that the Decision never mentioned the GAL. And the manifest injustice that was also not considered by the Court is the complete denial of First Amendment Rights to discuss Religion with your son. Another Jewish woman protecting two Jewish women fancy that. No haterism here my GF is Jewish and so were the last two before her. Just sayin'. Hang in there guys get up with your lawyers and keep on keepin' on. 
Recall that Judge Silber ruled that Ms. Chadee cannot even discuss religion with her son because of a perceived bias against GLBT because Ms. Chadee was a Jehovah's Witness. That ruling is, in and of itself, as Unconstitutional as they come. Here is your back story, Guardian at litem type and co-Defendant Kaufman is still on the underlying case, which is set for a hearing next week on custody. Mother Sandy Chadee contends that her son is able to articulate more unsavory facts about his living environment as he grows older, and it has been nearly two (2) years since the unprincipled Decision by Defendant Debra Silber. As one can see in the KingCast short film, Ms. Chadee asserts that the Truth will come out.

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