23 July 2012

KingCast watching Sandy Chadee v. Judge Debra Silber: A lesbian activist judge takes custody from a fit heterosexual mother in favor of a lesbian activist paternal grandmother.... The father is "intrinsically violent" and was ordered to pay child support.

The New York Courts are reading along!
What's next?
Try to order the fit mother to undergo psychiatric examination
to try to cover their tracks, that's what's next.
Remember, I was a State Attorney I know The Game.

1 Sept 2012 update: Carlos Pena (the father) assaulted police officer last night when mother served papers for visitation modification on him because of bad environment. He is still in jail. Forensic physician said he was "intrinsically violent." 

The Rule 59E Motion was denied, look what I wrote to Ms. Shadee:
Judge Mauskopf is being completely disingenuous, it does much more than restate your original position, it mentions the fact that the Decision never mentioned the GAL. And the manifest injustice that was also not considered by the Court is the complete denial of First Amendment Rights to discuss Religion with your son. Another Jewish woman protecting two Jewish women fancy that. No haterism here my GF is Jewish and so were the last two before her. Just sayin'.
From the Forensic Report I just received.... sort of says it all doesn't it? 
Judge Debra Silber took this child away from a fit mother and awarded custody to a manipulative jackass father with a poor World view who had also been ordered to pay child support. Yet GLBT like Judge Silber will be the first ones to criticize Chick-Fil-A for their alleged bigotry. Methinks some GLBT should spend some time checking their own dirty laundry, ahem. My reading of the forensic files indicate that Dr. Kaplan found Ms. Chadee to be a more relaxed and warmer nurturing care giver who is prone to react strongly when provoked by Mr. Pena, who makes sport of it.

This is a sad and frustrating story because Ms. Chadee -- as was stated in Gorky Park -- has fallen into the chasm between what is said and what is done in this Country. Ms. Chadee went to the predominantly-Democratic crowd with her concerns and got nowhere. The Court-appointed forensic specialist found the father to be "intrinsically violent" and he had to be ordered to pay child support. But activist lesbian judge Debra Silber (former LAMBDA Chair) teamed with an activist lesbian paternal grandmother to wrest custody from a fit heterosexual mother in King County NYC -- Brooklyn. The Judge went beyond the record in court using (incorrect) information that Ms. Chadee contends could only have come from the Paternal grandmother. Federal Court basically granted Judicial immunity; Ms. Chadee, with the help of a retired NY attorney, plans an appeal. We appealed to the Dems at the Annual Hubert Humphrey Gala several weeks ago but alas no one has the chutzpah to touch this one as Barney Frank celebrates his right to marry his lover. Recall I told you that there was a part two coming, well now we are here. Moreover, Judge Debra Silber even forbid Ms. Chadee from discussing religion with her son. but did bash her for being a former Jehovah's Witness... because JWs hate gays.No, I am not a gay basher. I am not a Republican basher. I am not a Democrat basher. You cannot pigeonhole me, but just know that reverse discrimination is illegal too, and if you are a public servant abusing the public trust you can rest assured I will make a movie about you if I can. Stay tuned for this one later this evening.

And for what it's worth, as manager and owner of Mortgage Movies Journal Dodd-Frank is a brilliant piece of legislation that needs to be more stringently enforced.  I have been a Civil Rights advocate for people of all races, creed, religious, national, ethnic, age and sexual orientations (See generally my review of Milk, 03 January 2009) so my only horse in this race is the one named Justice, and I pray he's not been gelded. Meanwhile I am also concerned about Article 78 issues raised against Judge Debra Silber by Louise Uccio. Stay tuned.
10:46p update: Facebook is a beautiful thing despite itself. I just spoke with Ms. Uccio who informs:

"I had a lifetime order of protection against my husband, who was good friend with the judge who recused and gave the case over to Silber..... anyway the Court took my kids away even though I had a lifetime order of protection against my ex-husband and I haven't had my children since 2001.... they tried to make me into a practicing drug addict and asked if there were any positive drug tests.... I said no but here's a negative drug test.... and she refused to put that into the record, she just did whatever she wanted to do, and as a pro se person with no money I felt totally powerless to fight it."

On a related note, this is how it's done in New Hampshire, just one example out of many. The above video was captured with my old rig and the beginning of it goes to some racist tendencies of former AG and current U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte but this goes beyond race: Something is deathly foul when these abuses occur. To wit, Michael Holman's children were yanked from him and given to a drug-addicted mother who allowed one of them to ride his bicycle without a helmet. He was struck by a car and nearly died, spending several days in a coma. To this day all matter of State and Federal Agencies are covering up the situation. 


Anonymous said...

How on earth can a Judge in the United States of America forbid a parent from discussing their 1st Amendment right of religious freedom from their own children?

Christopher King said...

Exactly. Everything I learned in law school... piffle.