09 July 2012

KingCast video coming: Calls to BPD again on jackass poo-butt Southie/Dorchester/Polish Triangle punks.

Oh there is an update. That is a hurried screen capture, video Saturday.

Photos uncorrected, I know my camera very well in these situations. Most of them are actually taken during the video. My landlord and I are both attorneys who have worked together to clean up this neighborhood, video tomorrow. Anyway I hate punk asses who fight and hurt other people without reason, like Cody Eller (trial forthcoming with KingCast cameras present). My neighbors and/or their friends are part of that element, and the LE involved are aware and doing what they can, as we discussed. 1 Aug 2012 they are outta' there. More on this tomorrow, more pics, video, blah blah blah!

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