28 July 2012

KingCast, Spike Jonze, Pete, Andre and Mac revisit: The best tennis commercials ever!

This was great stuff. Love the way McEnroe apologizes for turning on his razor in the first one, and Pete hits the bus with a forehand drive in the second one, wish I could have been there for the filming of that one, a one-in-a lifetime memory LOL.
BTW I'll tell you something good, Rufus.... Chakka Khan is in the Rock Hall of fame this year.... and it is high time that Vitas Gerulaitis get his due in the Tennis Hall of fame. What is the friggin' holdup?

PS: Honorable Mention goes to the green Karmann-Ghia in #2. Awesome. Wonder if it was a 6V or 12V model hahahaa.... Anyway this was all a tennis generation after John McEnroe levitated above the field for the last time in Indianapolis, at the GTE finals in 1989 winning over Jay Berger in a tough 3-setter, and KingCast cameras (a Nikon 8008) were there. I caught up with Mac around the time of these commercials, we had a laugh about them and he signed one of my stills in a poster size but in reality I picked the wrong one, this one I found this morning is better... Air McEnroe, right. Today's tennis is certainly amazing but it's not a cool as it was from '74-95 IMO. Who do I like today? Well being more of a touch than power player I gotta go with Bernard Tomic, and Mac agrees.

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