18 July 2012

KingCast presents: The new defense lawyer game.

The defense bar has gotten completely out of control in this oppressive economy. Time was that if for example you had a personal injury case with $5K in meds you and your lawyer would file or send a notice of intent to sue and collect anywhere from 3 to 5 times the amount of your medicals, no substantial problem especially if all you were looking for was 2 or 3 times the amount.......But today I see my practicing friends going through hell to get offers of $4K on $8K meds, or $2-3K on employment claims I wouldn't have settled for less than $5K 15 years ago!

Thank the big banks and the imploding mortgage market for much of this: That whole event has placed our economy into a tailspin and now we see the results. The insurance lawyers have meetings where they discuss things like this and how to get over on plaintiffs, and it is disgusting. But don't get mad at me, I just call it as it is, I see it every day. But my people don't take this shit lying down. I find people attorneys and take it to the EEOC and their cases are so strong that the EEOC actually takes an interest and investigates, and once a real investigation into these cases occurs at least a few of these asshats will feel the sting of KingCast even though they don't even know it. I love it.

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