13 July 2012

KingCast presents: More mayhem across the street :(

Hurried screen capture pic, video Saturday. From what LE informs the upstairs neighbors have been there 15+ years and never a problem until the 1st floor neighbors moved in. See the related journal entry and video, "Boston man calls cops on douchebag neighbors." Tonight it was these two bitches who rolled up in a late 90's Maxima doing the deed, I awoke to hear and see them stomping the shit out of that little girl on the ground. I ran back and grabbed my camera and didn't even have time to adjust settings or anything, it was set to daylight so let's see what I can do with the video. The picture I already edited for colour as best I could. It was a tough call. If I saw that her life was in danger I would have thrown down the camera and run down the stairs, thereby losing any chance of identifying the apparent perps. Plus them bitches look evil, prolly got knives under their tongues and leftover prison shanks in their boots and whatnot LOL.... As it was I was correct that she wasn't going to have to go to the hospital but they were wailing on her that's for sure. There never were any problems at this house until the first floor people moved in, and that's a fact :(

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