10 July 2012

KingCast defecting from Wilson Surge to go Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mid?

I dunno.... did Dewey defeat Truman? So not just yet but I will be playing this racket instead of my Wilson Surge over the course of the next few weeks because one of my sparring partners has one that he is not using. Some complain of the grip shape being too flat but that is actually what I came up with on the Wilson Jack Kramer so to me the muscle memory from 35 years ago works to my advantage. To my reckoning it has a stiffer head but more flexible shaft than my Wilson, so it feels a bit whippy but I could definitely hit out and everything stays in... easy access to spin for sure. It is a player's racket though (and while head light it is heavier than the Wilson) so you can't be lazy out there, it's not for poseur hackers and push artists. And you need stiffer strings on it IMO. Stay tuned.
Wilson Surge (BLX). The lady reviewer at 2:00 has volleys to die for. Lovely. 
Volkl Power Bridge Mid one.
Volkl Power Bridge Mid two

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Christopher King said...

Plus when you pull a Volkl out of the bag your opponent has to take notice :)