13 July 2012

KingCast and Daralyn Khan show what it is like to fight eMusic CEO, International felon, Columbia Prof. and "deadbeat dad" Adam Klein and Lee, Levine & Bowser after Klein reneges on child support.

Oh, it's not pretty. But whatever it is, I am going to cover it because I've been watching this woman and her child go through living hell for the past five years. Actually much longer than that, but I've been watching that long. There is a crazy situation where Judge Gibson has kind of ruled that she actually owed HIM money for overpayment, meanwhile her malpractice case against Eric Karp for, inter alia, writing a negligent payment agreement is proceeding to trial in February, 2013. Jeffrey Denner's firm has had to step aside on the malpractice case after screwing up and failing to provide her crucial information on several occasions. Heck I beat Jeffrey Denner's arse like a red-headed stepchild on First Amendment issues when I was Boston Bob so I'll have no compunction to continue on that path. Even folks in Tel Aviv search for eMusic CEO and Columbia adjunct professor Adam Klein by name: "South Africa crook!" See also Judge Gibson protects deadbeat dads journal.

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