04 July 2012

KingCast and CBS News report: Two people almost die in lightning strike at Boston Pops Fireworks 2012.

Google can make things disappear. Run a Google search for Thomas Park Lightning strike and you get none of what I have.... despite the fact that I know goddamn well how to issue key words I've been doing this for 8 years now. -The KingCaster.
Folks at MassGen must have treated the victims; 
they are reading and watching.

I have several phone vids tonight, did not have my real camera with me. 
 At Southie's Thomas Park Monument tonight, a cataclysmic single thunderclap rang out amidst a slow, steady rain, not more than 5 minutes into the 2012 fireworks. I have never been so close to a lightning strike in my life, but two others, a man and a woman, were closer yet: So close in fact, that they both went to the hospital after the tree they were standing under was struck by lightning, 

EMTs said that the woman took the brunt of it and they could tell because of a through-wound, ouch. We were perhaps 100 feet away from the strike. EMT and other public officers stated tonight that the South Boston Park was closed and then reopened at the behest of CBS Network because the Boston Pops fireworks are Nationally-televised. Thus, we did not see the fireworks. But we saw the real fireworks already, on the ride in from Newton with two other bikes, a K100RS and an FZ-6. Between the moon, the community fireworks to the left and the commuter train to the right we caught up to at a buck fifteen it was like living in a movie, simply awesome!

PS: Family members have contacted me and at this point I mark this information as copyrighted and it is not for republication by anyone else without my express written permission. Those of us who live in the area have this resource, and let's leave it at that. Peace.

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Christopher King said...

You mean CBS didn't report it yet?

I guess I scooped them, whatever, nothing new there. I scoop major media on all matter of things, usually on Civil Rights and other issues that don't matter enough to get major press.

Major press: I've been there, done that.