23 July 2012

An impromptu KingCast visit at "RED" Bless By Bless & Ducati 128 Patio Party at Forum Restaurant!

So I'm out for a ride to the Apple store on the Triumph when I told Tony -- a guy in a Porsche -- about a duff turn indicator and he in turn tells me about the event, which was cool. I didn't have much time to spend or my camera -- just happened by with my camera phone but judging by the photographers and videographer I met you will be seeing some stellar stuff soon!

The boys and gals at Riverside are going to have to step up their game, you tell 'em Gerome! This video is from when I started making online vids with a little super zoom Canon, ahhh the memories. The bike part runs from :18 to 3:08 and it is from the weekend I made Boston clean up our back yard and attended a Riverside Moto GP Party. Good times, good times....

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