11 June 2012

KingCast: Still Watching the Travesty of Justice in the Charles Glenn Case....

Busy on the West Coast but I will be back soon to document the ongoing travesty of Justice in this matter, with his jackass former lawyers at McLane, Graf as well as Ghazi Al-Marayati (who refused to give me the file when Mr. Glenn ordered him to, a breach of the Attorney-Client relationship that I will report when I feel like it, thank you) and NH AG Mike Delaney and co. illegally withholding evidence regarding the sole white witness who perjured himself repeatedly about his gun ownership and convictions for illegally firing the same caliber gun that killed the decedent.

NH is a douchebag State when it comes to law enforcement, and I say this as a former Assistant Attorney General. I'll tell it as it is because I choose not to work in the environment, it is basically a cesspool. These fokkers think they are so fokken slick but really they are not. Just privileged. Don't get mad at me for telling it as it is, though because I'm just Your Humble Narrator.

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