18 June 2012

KingCast Sees Nashua, NH PD Hide Their Badges and Play Dumb as Hillsborough Court Officers Assault Mike Gannon.

As you know, Nashua PD hates people who put cameras on them and they will even go so far as to try to hide their badges. This despite the fact that Nashua PD Attorney Brian Cullen (pictured, lower right) told me that these fine men in blue eat Wheaties for breakfast. In today's movie feature, as a former Law Enforcement Attorney I recommend they and all other LE make the switch to spinach so they have the courage to stop hiding their badges and to answer simple questions such as "who is in charge," or "what is your name."

And then I ask that the FBI and the Federal Courts stop covering up and protecting LE in the way that they do, read my Rule 59E Motion to Amend Judgment in KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD, 2010-CV-501. The movie is coming by 4p. EST


Christopher King said...

As per my email 18 June 2012:

Dear Attorney Cullen: Perhaps you should reconsider the Wheaties program. They ran Mike Gannon out just as they ran me out. But don't get mad at me.... I provide you guaranteed income as long as your LEOs keep acting like Bubbas.

Dear Special Agent Difede: What has to happen next?


Some of these LE are so damn out of control they should be summarily FIRED.

You saw it right here on KingCast.net

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Anonymous said...

(1) ALL police should be randomly tested for steroids.
(2) The police are "protected" by their "shield" It they deliberately obscure, cover, hide, their "shield" they are yielding up their "governmental immunity" and concurrent "shield" protections. Their police shields should be MANDATORIALLY clearly and plainly visible, readible, and legible from a reasonable and NON-THREAQTENING distance at ALL TIMES, or they are no longer "coverewd" by it. This includes NO BLACK TAPE for any reason.