25 June 2012

KingCast and Larz Anderson Museum Present: 2012 British Car Day!

Don't forget to check the video and stills at the 2012 British Iron (Mass BIA) 
Motorcycle Show and Swap 2012.
Triumph TR-250 with Fuel Injection, BMW 7 series injectors.

 Get Smart!
 Lotus 7 my fave along with the TR-250
Much more to come by tomorrow evening and a video at KingCast65 YouTube.

1 comment:

Christopher King said...

Now there's a funny thing about my British Iron mates:

The Triumph guys kicked my ass out of Triumph Torque and other websites because I doth protest too much about the shattered crankshaft I endured, which I still may sue over just to do it.

A former Triumph service manager told me that he knew there were faulty heat treatments in several hundred if not thousand models around the time of the fire. So I bitch about it while promising to always cherish the marque.... which I have done since I dunno 1973 as I tried to figure out when the bikes and cars separated (it was a long long time ago).

But that's not good enough for some folks, but guess what?

I don't see too many of them making celebratory videos so they can kiss my ass, I just tell it as I see it.

The first stickshift car I drove was a '78 Spitfire, in '79 brand new car, BRG on tan.... what a car.... what a car....


-The KingCaster.