03 May 2012

525 Beach Street EPA 21-E update: KingCast says "hats off" to Revere City Counselor Ira Novoselsky, the hypocrite who cried wolf when he got his camera smacked down.... but who then smacks reporter's camera!

Here is the seminal journal entry on these shenanigans.
His hat is off because he just basically assaulted me with it as he covered my camera to avoid being put on video. Now he is on video, basically assaulting me. How g__ d___ stupid can you get, LOL. Well apparently stupid is as stupid does, when he was trespassing he got his camera knocked out of his hands and placed bogus charges on some black kid who was found Not Guilty. Moreover, I am investigating an allegation that a little old lady at 50 Walnut Ave filed a complaint against him for pushing her to the ground. 

While you are waiting for yesterday's movie (eta 1p) above is a good background video about the coverup of the contaminated land at 525 Beach Street, and you can see a shorter one with just the two of us at Dunkin here. Basically Ira Novoselsky is royally pissed-off at Yours Truly because I aired his dirty laundry -- and that of his pals over at Revere and Chelsea Neighborhood Developers. These guys get away with bloody murder because they are in tight with Deval Patrick. Here's a movie I did a while back with His Excellency.

Ahhh, but I digress......
Dear Miles, this is what I need you to do immediately: Have Mayor Rizzo compel the Developers to place the original test results on file in your office. This way the taxpayers can acknowledge the fact that the zoning application was fraudulent because it failed to acknowledge the fact that CERCLA, EPA 21-E testing had already been completed months prior to the November Site Plan Review and zoning applications.

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Christopher King said...

Owners signed off on the Zoning Application Steve, and Ira assaulted me.

Christopher King
3:06 PM (12 minutes ago)

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Therefore they are charged with actual and constructive knowledge of the testing. And certainly City Councilor Ira Novoselsky knew and yet all of it was kept from EPA and the taxpayers until after I started posting. Not to assume post hoc ergo propter hoc but whatever the case Ira would do well to keep his goddamn hands off of my equipment. You heard me right: Keep your goddamn hands off of my equipment because next time you will find your ass facing a lawsuit. What the f___ makes you think that you can touch anything belonging to me, you go straight to hell and do not pass go.

And Attorney Brown has the nerve to consider me less than professional, I call bullshit on that.

Have a nice day counselor, and hats off to you Ira.