01 May 2012

KingCast reminder to Boston Bartlett, Hackett Feinberg "Superlawyer" Howard Brown: You not so super to me pal, just another ignorant jerk.

At least now it has been confirmed that the relevant testing was done in 31 May and 1 June, 2011 as anticipated by Ira Novoselsky's candid comments posted online at RND's own website. Therefore we now know that someone should have communicated those results to Site Plan Review, ZBA and/or the Mayor's Office prior to zoning approval. I will share these observations with the Mayor on 2 May, 2012.  But then again, what do I know.... it's not as if I've ever done any zoning in New England hahahahaaaa..... 

Greetings Counselor! Remember how you told Clifford Pisano I wasn't a "real journalist" and I proved you wrong? Hell I've probably forgotten more about journalism and the First Amendment than you will ever begin to know. Also, in anticipation of you saying I wasn't a "real New England zoning manager" I thought I would send you one of the more difficult zoning approvals I obtained, up in Andover at Trinitarian Church. Take a minute to read the minutes. The Church is happy and everything went as planned, but oh, it was very hotly contested, you bet. So what's next Counselor, my father was not a "real toxicology residue chemist" (technician '65-'76) either?

Now the next time you go around trying to talk some shit, I recommend you do your homework first so I don't have to publicly school you like this. So if you think you were in some material way disturbing me with your silly little no-trespass letter, you are sadly mistaken for there is no trespass on the Internet, LOL fella have a nice day. 

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Christopher King said...

Howard Brown schooled by KingCast once again, this time on zoning.

Christopher King
10:50 AM (33 minutes ago)

to hmb, tml, dcp, ejb, jjf, jlh, reg, staci, sjccountyclerk, SJCReporter, Elizabeth.Bouv., joan.kenney, RMeketon, Lincoln, iris.davis, scorcoran, bcc:

Perhaps next time he'll do well to keep his big fat mouth shut. Or not, whichever, I can rock it either way, frankly I love the material LOL.

Great Day to All.



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