05 May 2012

KingCast Motorsports presents: A cool fire truck in Wayland and a cool St. Jude's benefit ride at Bikeworx!

Operator... it's an emergency please send the newest truck you've got LOL... Anyway Bikeworx is undoubtedly one of the best bike shops in New England. I met them a few years ago in their old downtown shop when I got some tires for the 650R and got a chance to meet them again this year in time for today's ride!
I won the slow race but like a moron I forgot the rules and touched down after I knew I was the last bike across.... any moron can hop on a bike and go fast. The question is what kind of corners can you take, what is your body posture and your balance. And in this case ability to retain knowledge of the rules LOL. And yes, that is an RD 350B, same as I had, an orange '75. What a great little machine it is. More stills coming below the fold. Video soon. 

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Christopher King said...

And before you say anything yes that is a ride official merging back into traffic after helping out at an intersection.