20 May 2012

KingCast blasts Boston Attorney Jeffrey Denner for Failing to Share Joint Pretrial Memorandum and Expert Witness Disclosure With His Own Client, in Daralyn Khan v. eMusic CEO and International Felon Adam Klein.

Pay close attention folks. At top is the damning expert testimony affidavit of Frances M. Giordano that points toward Jeffrey Denner's negligence and potential liability for malpractice... yet again. "Did not seek a modification of the 1998 Settlement, which could have afforded her the relief she sought. Instead (under Denner's orders and despite her protestations) Ms. Khan waited two years and then filed a Complaint in Equity and was unsuccessful...." 
At left is part of the expert witness Affidavit to be used by Defendant Eric Karp, who drafted a child support agreement that allowed International Felon and eMusic CEO Adam Klein to weasel his way out of, as noted by Karp's own Affidavit at bottom. Recall that In this journal entry I showed you the relevant page of Attorney Eric Karp's Affidavit as I alleged that her lawyer, Jeffrey Denner, was and is setting her up for a fall either by design or by pure incompetence.  And in this journal entry I showed you how the Board of Bar Overseers (BBO) was on my page and how Jay Korff again asked me to remove the scandalous but true material about the ringmaster, Judge Spencer Kagan at his Honor's request and I respectfully declined. And of course Back in the Day when I was Boston Bob Harvard's own Citizen Media Law Journal noted I had to school Jeffrey Denner on my right to run this journal and his client's right to criticize him for alleged malpractice after he was found to have provided ineffective assistance of counsel.

Now we come to the playoffs and there is nothing pretty about this one, either: Jeffrey Denner's office flat out failed to provide Daralyn Khan a copy of the expert witness disclosure until this week despite having it for about a year, and despite the fact that trial is being scheduled. And remember, they also failed to show any proof that they paid her alleged expert witness Robert J. DiLibero, just showed her the fact of a non-processed check. That's bullshit folks..... especially because Attorney Linda Ouellette, while working for Denner, failed to engage the discovery master earlier in a related case and Ms. Khan suffered because of that miscue. But that's not all..... The expert witness noted that a support modification request should have been put in but was not, and that's not good for Denner because his office is therefore implicated in yet another potential malpractice situation.... and perhaps this is why they are now refusing to Amend Ms. Khan's complaint because it might draw more attention back to their own negligence or recklessness..... Wow. I may produce a quick movie on this one folks but in the meantime watch how multimillionaire and Deadbeat Dad Adam Klein gets carte blanche at Columbia J-School.


Anonymous said...

Ay ay ay the bromance with J Denner continues....yawn.

Christopher King said...

You mean you are attracted to him so you keep on reading my journal to see where he is screwing up?

That does sound like an issue indeed, sorry.