08 May 2012

KingCast asks, "Is Adam Klein's wife the driving force behind him being such a deadbeat dad to his non in vitro daughter while the in vitro daughter attends the Spence School?"

I dunno.... but it is conceivable this his wife -- once married to one of the Boutrous-Boutrous Gali clan -- could be jealous of Adam Klein's "full" daughter by Daralyn Khan and thus keeps putting the screws to him so that he can avoid paying reasonable child support. After all, there are all kinds of jealousies involved when the genesis is a byproduct of egg-sharing when the egg comes from your sister, I wonder if that cost so much that he can't pay for his first daughter.... Along the way his high-paid lawyers from the law firm formerly known and Lee, Levine Bowser have even got Judge Dorothy Gibson in on the game, making it so that Ms. Khan is facing some bogus contempt of court charges for allegedly owing Klein -- a multimillionaire -- child support overages. Read more and watch movies here.

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