16 May 2012

BBO (Board of Bar Overseers) visits with KingCast in the ongoing Adam Klein child support fiasco against Daralyn Khan.

Yah I'm not so sure what they want but I might assume that Ms. Khan wrote a complaint against Jeffrey Denner's office because they suck. I am aware of Linda Ouellette failing to engage the discovery master a couple of years ago. I am aware of Denner having sex with her while she was a client. I am aware the she has absolutely no proof that the expert witness in this case has been paid, when the failure of an expert witness to appear at Rachel Kaplan's case led to her being imprisoned. I am also aware of.... well... never mind for now. Everyone who deals with Spencer Kagan and his minions winds up in prison for one bullshit reason or another as I noted herein. Now Jay Korff and I discussed this matter last week as he again relayed Judge Kagan's request for me to pull down the booby and ass-crack pictures His Honor had publicly posted, not to mention Kagan ultra vires emails about a pending case with David Rabinowitz) with a certain former beer-swilling intern

"Hell no Jay he can kiss my ass that information is never coming down."

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