25 May 2012

KingCast/Mortgage Movies Present for Memorial Day: Two Birds One Stone.... U.S. Trustee FOIA Demands as Exempt No-Fee Journalist and Mass DEP 525 Beach Street 21E EPA Response.

Dear Attorney McLeod: As noted in my Sunday, 20 May 2012 Mortgage Movies Journal entry and per our telephone conversation, I have provided you a draft copy of my Federal FOIA lawsuit and just four (4) of approximately eighty (80) Mortgage-related movies I have made since I launched that past approximately fifteen (15) months ago. Note the following, with no paid advertising or promoted videos whatsoever:

Mortgage Movies (15 mos).
33,000 journal page views.
33,000 youtube video views.

KingCast/Chris King's First Amendment Page
410 subscribers
360,000 page views (data only available 2 years)
390,000 video views

As you can clearly see I have been addressing salient legal issues with camera in hand, and with the knowledge bases in my background that include assistant attorney general, licensed title insurance producer, land use zoning manager, notary and former editor and writer in mainstream press. If I am not an exempt journalist under FOIA then nobody is. In the top movie at the link above you can clearly see that I was reporting on the Sand Canyon fraudulent/non existent mortgage assignment that Judge Joseph LaPlante recognized in denying Wells Fargo Summary Judgment last week. As to why Judge Paul Barbadoro refused to see that issue last year I cannot say but that's just the way he votes, historically pro-bank and pro-law enforcement almost every time. Yes I have studied that, would you like the statistics or is that necessary as well? I thank you in advance for your reconsideration of the initial denial.
Dear Mr. Johnson, as referenced per our discussion last week herein please find copies of the signatures of the property owners on the fraudulent Zoning application. Again, said successful application (in December, 2011) willfully and intentionally omitted the FACT that the owners, the developers and City Council Ira Novoselsky were all aware of actual contamination in May/June, 2011 yet no one informed Site Plan Review or Zoning until I started asking questions with a camera. The law as noted in this journal post including your own 2012 cited case of In re Knott, Docket No. 2011-011, PAN-NE-11-3R001 ($10,787.00 fine for failure to report TCE, affirmed) is crystal clear: The owners and developers were working in tandem, exercising full joint and several control over the subject property. I look forward to a timely written response to the Complaint filed by abutter Clifford Pisano and me now that the Complaint is complete. We have done all of your agency's homework for you and put it right on your plate.

To all: Enjoy the Holiday weekend, and remember that our Veterans fought and died, allegedly to preserve the Rights that I enjoy daily on my journal pages and on my YouTube channel, regardless of who likes what I have to say. That my friends, is the moral of the story.

24 May 2012

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present: The Saucy Crêpe.

Bonhoeffer's is so damn good it could make it in NYC or anywhere as The Chairman would say.

Q.  What does a Bonhoeffer's strawberry and creme crepe with chocolate drizzle and walnuts have to do with Kelly Ayotte, Michael Delaney and mortgages? 

A.  You will find out soon enough.

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22 May 2012

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Video: Drouin Case -- Wells Fargo, Sand Canyon and Option One Lose Motion to Dismiss in NH Federal Court.

This case supports everything I've been arguing to the U.S. DOJ about my status as a journalist exempt from payment of FOIA fees as noted in yesterday's journal entry. NH District Court Judge LaPlant recognized in Drouin v. AHMSI, Wells Fargo and Option One (NH Dist 11-CV-596) that Sand Canyon did not exist and could not have Assigned ANYTHING, as I noted more than a year ago in the Jeanne Ingress NH cases where Judge Diane Nicolosi played dumb and allowed Wells Fargo lawyer Shawn Masterson to provide hearsay testimony about having the original documents "in his desk." Selected clips are provided in this dual-purpose  documentary short film that will be posited with the DOJ later this week as a Motion for Reconsideration to DOJ Counsel Janice Galli McLeod. Query, will Judge Paul Barbadoro ignore this precedent from his Brethren when Ms. Ingress mounts this argument later this week? Will there be a split between judges in the same single District? The mind boggles.

KingCast/Mortgage Movies: We know exactly what the hell we are talking about.

20 May 2012

KingCast/Mortgage Movies to Sue U.S. DOJ Over FOIA Free Press No Fee Clause 5 U.S.C. §552(a)(4)(A)(ii) on U.S. Trustee Lawrence Sumski B10 Mortgage Proof of Claims info.

20 May 11:22 update -At 9:33 am the DOJ viewed the picture below wherein it is proved that media lawyers and the Boston Herald consider me a journalist and member of the media on my own accord, by name. Honestly, the nonsense and abuse I have to go through just to be a responsible member of the Fourth Estate is mind-boggling. Stick around for tonight's movie about the ongoing Wells Fargo Sand Canyon issues I have been journalizing for well over a year now in the Jeanne Ingress cases, one such video being hosted on Real Estate News 247 open forum. Well just last week Wells Fargo's Motion to Dismiss was denied in a Federal Case because the Plaintiffs are free to argue the issue that Sand Canyon could not have assigned that which they did not have. Ms. Ingress and I have been saying the same exact thing for months. See the thumbnail read the case Drouin v. AMHSI/Wells Fargo/Option One 11-CV-596 and quit giving me a hard time or I'll sue and it's not going to be pretty.
20 May 11:22 update -- Attorney McLeod returned my phone call. She will reconsider after I submit more material. She is trying to put me into the freelancer status where my material is republished by other press but that is not my point. My point is that I am covered by the statute on my own merits. "What I do is no different than what I did as an editor or reporter for the Call & Post or Indianapolis Star 20 years ago even if it has more opinion in it... a luxury that I am not afforded by major press."
Lawsuit KingCast Mortgage Movies v. DOJ in FOIA 5 USC §552(a)(4)(A)(ii) Press Exemption
Dear Attorney McLeod: I am in receipt of your letter dated 16 May 2012 and politely decline to pay the requested fees for any and all documentation showing where NH U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee Lawrence Sumski has ever challenged a B10 Proof of Claim relative to foreclosure, as many U.S. Trustees have done. Instead you can check to see if that is your Final Answer, and if indeed it is you can prepare to come to Federal District Court in Boston to explain how and why you completely ignored the following facts, law and issues. I wish I could sue you individually but Pickens v. DOJ 2011 U.S. Dist Lexis 69829 has apparently disposed of that issue last year. Odd that it wasn't raised in Covington v. McLeod, 646 F Supp. 2d 66.

1. Original FOIA Request 11 March 2001.
2. FOIA Appeal 13 August 2011.
3. DOJ arbitrary and capricious denial (1) and (2).
4. Draft lawsuit with Exhibits.


1. The U.S. Department of Justice, by and through Attorney Janice Galli McLeod, on 16 May 2012 issued an arbitrary and capricious determination that Plaintiff was not a journalist within the meaning of FOIA/552(a)(4)(A)(ii), finding that the materials provided are largely commentary. In so doing Attorney McLeod willfully ignored every issue identified below in paras. 2 through 15, inclusive. See Plaintiff's Appeal and the 16 May letter at Exhibit 1.
2. There is no "commentary" exception involved in the language of 552(a)(4)(A)(ii) of title 5, United States Code as seen below. Nor is there any such restrictive language included in the case law of the forum state which governs these proceedings because the Federal Scheme may not afford less Constitutional protections than the particular State. Relevant excerpts are also seen below.
3. Prior to matriculation from Case Western Reserve School of Law Plaintiff earned a Bachelor's Degree in Communications with an emphasis on news writing and studies in 600 level Rhetoric courses.
4. In fall of 2010 NH U.S. District Magistrate Judge Landya B. McCafferty made an express finding of fact that "Plaintiff is an African-American journalist" in Case No. 2010-CV-501.
5. As to prior publication history, Plaintiff has edited a large statewide weekly newspaper, the Ohio Call & Post.
6. Plaintiff has written for the Indianapolis Star, note that the issue involved in that 1990 feature involved illegal wireless phone surveillance, the very same issue currently implicated in the FOIA lawsuit of Electronic Information Privacy Information Center (EPIC) who is being copied on this journal entry. Plaintiff's Lexis inquiry yields EPIC v. FBI, DC Dist. 2012-CV-667, which also denied media status. That is how the government operates when it wants to hide something but it is illegal. 
7. Plaintiff has co-hosted a radio show in Boston, Massachusetts.
8. Plaintiff was recently subpoenaed as a journalist (Motion to Quash granted) by the Boston Herald as noted by the Parties in Joanna Marinova v. Boston Herald, Suffolk Superior 2010-CV-1316. The Herald's Attorney even stated "nice blog."

KingCast blasts Boston Attorney Jeffrey Denner for Failing to Share Joint Pretrial Memorandum and Expert Witness Disclosure With His Own Client, in Daralyn Khan v. eMusic CEO and International Felon Adam Klein.

Pay close attention folks. At top is the damning expert testimony affidavit of Frances M. Giordano that points toward Jeffrey Denner's negligence and potential liability for malpractice... yet again. "Did not seek a modification of the 1998 Settlement, which could have afforded her the relief she sought. Instead (under Denner's orders and despite her protestations) Ms. Khan waited two years and then filed a Complaint in Equity and was unsuccessful...." 
At left is part of the expert witness Affidavit to be used by Defendant Eric Karp, who drafted a child support agreement that allowed International Felon and eMusic CEO Adam Klein to weasel his way out of, as noted by Karp's own Affidavit at bottom. Recall that In this journal entry I showed you the relevant page of Attorney Eric Karp's Affidavit as I alleged that her lawyer, Jeffrey Denner, was and is setting her up for a fall either by design or by pure incompetence.  And in this journal entry I showed you how the Board of Bar Overseers (BBO) was on my page and how Jay Korff again asked me to remove the scandalous but true material about the ringmaster, Judge Spencer Kagan at his Honor's request and I respectfully declined. And of course Back in the Day when I was Boston Bob Harvard's own Citizen Media Law Journal noted I had to school Jeffrey Denner on my right to run this journal and his client's right to criticize him for alleged malpractice after he was found to have provided ineffective assistance of counsel.

Now we come to the playoffs and there is nothing pretty about this one, either: Jeffrey Denner's office flat out failed to provide Daralyn Khan a copy of the expert witness disclosure until this week despite having it for about a year, and despite the fact that trial is being scheduled. And remember, they also failed to show any proof that they paid her alleged expert witness Robert J. DiLibero, just showed her the fact of a non-processed check. That's bullshit folks..... especially because Attorney Linda Ouellette, while working for Denner, failed to engage the discovery master earlier in a related case and Ms. Khan suffered because of that miscue. But that's not all..... The expert witness noted that a support modification request should have been put in but was not, and that's not good for Denner because his office is therefore implicated in yet another potential malpractice situation.... and perhaps this is why they are now refusing to Amend Ms. Khan's complaint because it might draw more attention back to their own negligence or recklessness..... Wow. I may produce a quick movie on this one folks but in the meantime watch how multimillionaire and Deadbeat Dad Adam Klein gets carte blanche at Columbia J-School.

18 May 2012

KingCast presents: The 2012 Leadership Conference Hubert Humphrey Civil and Human Rights Award Video.

Yes, my former co-worker and Assistant Attorney General from Ohio and current CFPB Chief Richard Cordray was in attendance, read more about him and Kent Markus in this Mortage Movies Journal Entry that also partially addresses what a horrible Senator Kelly Ayotte really is. Barney Frank and Janet Marguia were this year's Honorees. More, much more, to follow. Goes to this journal entry.

Your movie should be up by noon. 

KingCast Raises a Toast to Beer Authority NYC!

Now I have a great pit stop to and fro. Smart idea and I'm sure they dropped a ton of money to get this triple decker fired up a few weeks ago. With a friendly staff, Times Square view and great selection of beer and spirits somehow I think they will get it back.

17 May 2012

KingCast says "Goodnight, Donna Summer."

Don Cornelius. Dick Clark. Whitney Houston. Donna Summer.... The hits keep coming this year don't they? Damn. Watch this version.
"I'm taking you in" "In!... to the jail house?" "No to my house ;)"

16 May 2012

Federal Disctrict Court John J. McConnell says it's okay for Kelly Ayotte to offer an RSVP to a reporter then renege on it, and it's okay for Nashua PD to run a reporter all the way out of Crowne Plaza in KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD NH Dist 2010-CV-501.

Note: Defendant Fisher in my case is still a named Defendant in the Gorsuch case for lying, the same thing I accused him of doing when he hassled me about being too close to a backing car while white people were actually CLOSER to the backing car. Two named Defendants were released. Stay tuned on that one.

Here is an excellent back story link. I am in DC headed to the 36th Annual Hubert Humphrey Civil Rights Gala and so I do not have time to delve into His Honor's logic. I will eave that for a Motion to Reconsider, Notice of Appeal, etc. but in the interim I will share what I told someone last week when they asked why it had been a full six (6) months to decide a Motion to Dismiss:
"Son let me tell you something (doing my best Foghorn Leghorn)... The Republicans might not like him, and they might all have voted against his ascension to the bench, and he and I might both be alumni from Case Western Reserve University but he is still a Judge, and Judges tend to issue Decisions that protect the establishment, be it Democratic or Republican because it's really all the same animal when yooze get right down to it."

Of course in the reality I figured this might happen given the way that Jack Middleton and Jennifer Parent sat there while former co-worker and then underling (read: subordinate employee) Judge Landya B. McCafferty brazenly ruled on my case without ever divulging the existence of this relationship. It only got worse after I publicly embarassed Judge Paul Barbadoro after he wrote me that my Motion to Recuse was "entirely without merit," at least until I started using Pacer and Lexis to retrieve Judge McCafferty's OTHER contemporaneous recusals and asking questions. On the issue of whether her Decision against me should be voided given the obvious conflict that existed at the time of the hearing, Judge Barbadoro recused himself as soon as I requested that he Certify his Decision denying my Motion to Vacate her Order. If you think the subsequent Judge is then going to in effect double-slam the prior Judges you are sadly mistaken. I am comfortable that any attorney reading this can clearly see the Game being played whether or not they have the chutzpah to publicly acknowledge it.

Funny how I could know the procedure and substance of 28 U.S.C. 455 so well but apparently not have a clue as to anything else legal, isn't it.

BBO (Board of Bar Overseers) visits with KingCast in the ongoing Adam Klein child support fiasco against Daralyn Khan.

Yah I'm not so sure what they want but I might assume that Ms. Khan wrote a complaint against Jeffrey Denner's office because they suck. I am aware of Linda Ouellette failing to engage the discovery master a couple of years ago. I am aware of Denner having sex with her while she was a client. I am aware the she has absolutely no proof that the expert witness in this case has been paid, when the failure of an expert witness to appear at Rachel Kaplan's case led to her being imprisoned. I am also aware of.... well... never mind for now. Everyone who deals with Spencer Kagan and his minions winds up in prison for one bullshit reason or another as I noted herein. Now Jay Korff and I discussed this matter last week as he again relayed Judge Kagan's request for me to pull down the booby and ass-crack pictures His Honor had publicly posted, not to mention Kagan ultra vires emails about a pending case with David Rabinowitz) with a certain former beer-swilling intern

"Hell no Jay he can kiss my ass that information is never coming down."

15 May 2012

"Hey KingCast What's Crackin' at Tomorrow's Hubert Humphrey Annual Civil Rights Gala in DC?"

Yes, my former co-worker and Assistant Attorney General from Ohio and current CFPB Chief Richard Cordray was in attendance, read more about him and Kent Markus in this Mortage Movies Journal Entry that also partially addresses what a horrible Senator Kelly Ayotte really is.

Here is the link for this year's Humbert Humphrey Civil Rights GalaA rousing rendition of the National Anthem I say. As to my ultimate purpose in attending, that is still going to remain unpublished for several days.

KingCast Presents Nashua PD Blue.... and Black: The Arrest, Beating and OC Spraying of Jeffrey Riel and Another.

Jeffrey Riel consults with lawyer Paul Borchard at today's arraignment.

On or about 2 May Jeffrey Riel was walking along the railroad tracks as dozens of people do in Nashua every night when the police stopped him for allegedly suspicious activity as others walked around him at the same time. It turns out there was some sort of probation violation from Virginia, but those close to him say he may have been unaware because the DMV and other LE were not even aware. We will see how that unfolds. The following is a verbatim excerpt from my phone conversation with a witness to the beatings of Jeffrey Riel and Another who was present. 

"The police said we got him on suspicious behavior... he was just walking down the tracks (near Margarita's) to get some beers.... The cops kept trying to get us out of there. They kept rushing us. I think there's way much more to this. 

"He freaked out and ran a bit but stopped and laid down and said 'I give up I give up'. They beat him on the ground them pulled his hands in the air and continued to beat him all over legs, face, head all over like they wanted to get a few more licks in. They were pepper spraying him and kept beating him as they stood him up and I was screaming stop beating him stop beating him. I wish I had the presence of mind to get my phone out but I was so shocked, and anyway Nashua PD beats people who video them." 

"They can't do that anymore did you hear about the Glick Decision and Memorandum from AG Mike Delaney to local police?" (Related video is posted along with witness statements from the Mike Gannon/Pamela Reynolds beatdown) courtroom video to follow tonight).

"No, I wish I had had known about that AG opinion... I've never seen anything like this in my life. I'm not used to seeing people I love getting beat down by the police." "They said 'Ma'am you need to keep your mouth shut.' I said no I'm not going to keep my mouth shut you kept beating them and he gave up.... Then they said 'let's take her in.' "I said you don't even know who I am and what would you be charging me with... I'll keep my mouth shut..... for now......"

But she didn't and Yours Truly and David Horan, attorney for the other person who was also beat down have received witness statements from this individual who decided to Take a Stand against what she perceives to be outright police brutality. To add insult to injury, Attorney Horan informs me that after the other person bailed out she was served yet again through Wilton PD on Sunday with an order to appear in Court where Prosecutor Evelyn King (no relation thank goodness) tried to raise the bail sua sponte. Judge Crocker resolutely denied such attempt, but what did happen is that they levied yet another charge against her and demanded a blood sample, which Attorney Horan has objected. He is aghast and so too is NH PD Investigator Cheryl Stafford-Rogers, with whom I conversed today at today's arraignment where Mr. Riel pleaded not guilty to 2+2 counts of assault and resisting arrest. Unfortunately she was not authorized to show me the pictures of multiple bruises he sustained but they will all be public at some point barring dismissal of charges.

To those of you who are afraid to give your names to Telegraph Reporter Pat Meighan for fear of retaliation by Nashua PD, I can only say that government will never get better if we remain afraid of the bad cops. I know it is not your fault that you are in this situation but I strongly encourage you to come forward, publicly. This is one case that deserves it for reasons I have stated, and for some that I have not... yet.
And with that I'm off to this year's Humbert Humphrey Civil Rights Gala. What I am doing there is for me to know, and you to find out... at a time I deem appropriate.

PS: Speaking of hatred and contempt for the media and the public at-large, it seems folks in DC are taking a keen interest in my pending litigation against Kelly Ayotte, that pawn of corrupt law enforcement that she is. Actually she's a dual capacity, pawn and Queen whom the GOP believes and dash the distance, like a rook. Anyway I was going to edit out the other searches but then I realized that 2/3 of them deal with former NH AG Kelly Ayotte. Fun stuff take a read below the fold. It's like a new Internet game of chance, just lick on any link you like!
United States Senate (

14 May 2012

Nasty Revere MA Mayor's Office Calls Cops on Pesky EPA 21-E EPA Coverup Reporter at 525 Beach Street.

I guess people are Googling after reading the 16 May 2012 Revere Journal story.

The second movie is from last week. Here is your back story, and here is a good background journal entry.

Oh, wait, I forgot. According to developer's Counsel Howard Brown I am not "real media." I know, I know... because "real media" doesn't do this sort of thing too much anymore but I'm just one of those old school types.... sorry. So too is Carlos Miller... he was noting on his FB page he never grows tired of the old hand in-the-camera picture, not unlike shielding yourself from a lightning storm with a bucket of water or an erector set.

NOTE: The "value" of the 525 Beach Street property majestically spiked with NO CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS, from $446K to its final sale price to developers at $67k or 750K I believe it was. Good work when you can get it, right. 

13 May 2012

KingCast says "Happy Mothers' Day!"

I told my mom I won't eat it if it's not sushi..... and for her part my sister appears to have eaten her sushi and has just shitted it out LOL.

11 May 2012

KingCast presents.. L'Oiseau!

For all those bird-brained folks in my World, LOL.