12 April 2012

KingCast sees McPhail & Associates run from Clifford Pisano subpoena on Revere MA 525 Beach Street EPA 21-E CERCLA coverup.

McPhail & Associates is now playing the game. Three blind mice, see how they run? And unless MassDEP or EPA forces their hand with an investigation, they will keep on running because it is fairly clear that the owners and developers at 525 Beach Street violated 21-E by not reporting the contamination to EPA or MassDEP within 120 days when McPhail produced the results. This allowed the project to get through site plan review and zoning and public comment without notation of the actual contamination levels. Mr. Pisano said he plans to file a Motion to Compel and I support that effort, because this is complete bullshit. One day the Answers will come out, or we will start picketing at the EPA. As we saw by this video, some folks at MassDEP are completely adverse to doing their job, with public relations folks refusing to even shake Mr. Pisano's hand. Our tax dollars, hardly working. I look forward to helping Mr. Pisano design the big-assed banners to put on his parent's house right next door soon, let's see zoning fight him on that, par for the course of course. Keep in mind that Mr. Pisano is preparing an affidavit noting all of the work he has seen done on the building and the fact the he believes he saw testing being done back in 2008.....Here is your back story with videos.

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