05 April 2012

KingCast says, "Goodnight, Ferdinand Porsche."

Lets not get into politics here because if you take it that far no minority would ever own any German car and arguably Japanese car but the Porsche 911 is and always will be the best and most fun-to-drive car I have ever driven. They bore me to tears these days but most new cars do because they are just too damn refined and dare I say too damn fast. No car should be faster than my Triumph I say. These are two of my favorite era Porsches. Goodnight Sir, job well done.

FWIW the fellow at cars i have seen has it right. I hate the new "Porsches."  As far as the 911 series goes, if it ain't cooled with air, I'm not down. That Targa is my favorite car of All Time, no question. Look how simple and clean the lines are. I've driven a couple of them and they're just so damn much fun it's insane. Normally-aspirated is A-OK by me.

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JoAnn Kennedy said...

My late husband had a 911 Targa -- it now belongs to his best friend Fred. They both drive around very fast(Fred drives as Richard is etherial) as Fred put a 3.0 L in it.
Now I know how I got here, thank you Richard
I bet you and Dr. Porsche are having some wonderful conversations.