21 April 2012

KingCast presents: The Triumph 955i Oil Change from Hell.

Factoid: I cannot find an oil filter wrench to fit a Triumph triple oil filter. So the note to self, then is this: Even in the winter, change the filter out with the oil to avoid this carnage from having a filter stuck on by winter's road grime and such. Seriously, I almost didn't get that damn thing off because the 17mm courtesy nut on the end of the K & N filter was rounded off in about 2 seconds, went straight to the screwdriver-through-the-body method LOL. And the filter was not the only victim, I drew blood myself. Never a dull moment at KingCast Motorsports. A dull brain perhaps, but never a dull moment. Motul 300V puts Bessie at Peace. In point of fact, I thought the Motul 7100 and Repsol full-synth were good.... but they are no match. The engine is so smooth and quiet now even at idle you can tell the difference, and it is amazing. I will use nothing else.

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