03 April 2012

KingCast Notice of Ongoing Media Coverage of Clifford Pisano v. City of Revere Employment and EPA CERCLA 21-E Cases.

1. How does a court decide what is a "self-described journalist?"

2. Was the Court aware of my journalist credentials prior to calling me a “self described journalist,” and if not, would the Court still describe me as such?

3. Was the Court aware that the former Mayor of Nashua, New Hampshire and Nashua City Council unanimously awarded me with a Mayoral Commendation for my “leadership” in First Amendment work in New Hampshire?

Lastly, the Court stated that I was in some manner attempting to influence the Court or outcome of the proceedings when I raised my hands to my temples and pivoted to the left, silently after Defense counsel stated that “there is no support for the notion that things are flying around in the air or that there is some imminent danger.” Such statement is not true when in point of fact the ground was disturbed and there was no testimony of any kind provided that the earth movers that Mr. Pisano saw breaking ground were related to the testing, because he saw the Earth movers months after the 24 May 2011 revelation that “testing was currently being conducted.”

Having been raised by an environmental chemist (toxicology residue) and having been a wireless zoning manager in New England (and coordinator elsewhere) I did have a slight involuntary reaction: Of course there was no intent or effort to affect the outcome of the case because this was being tried to the bench anyway, and I am quite certain that a seasoned jurist would not and should not be affected by one quick gesture like that. May the record reflect that I responded to the Court by noting that I have not had a problem in this or any other court regarding my professionalism, the closest time coming when a juror dropped a pen and I handed it to them, hardly any cause for concern.

Respectfully submitted,
Christopher King, J.D.
Nice work Chris. I am always impressed with what you are able to do and the time you invest to get to the truth. I'm also a big fan of your blog.
Toxote9 1 hour ago

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