09 April 2012

KingCast is all set for the Boston Marathon with the Brooks PureFlow!

KingCast video capture of men's winner Wesley Korir.
KingCast video capture of women's winner Sharon Cherop.
Sorry her vidcap is not as good, I was busy fending off the bigot at video :55.

Yah, all set to run down to the beer store that is LOL. Seriously, these are going to be great shoes.... just waiting on the right size to come in this week at Marathon Sports, thanks Kim! As you could imagine, it is kind of crazy there right about now. What is also interesting is that I don't run anything like I walk. I walk like a dork but my running gait is almost graceful, my arches are low but solid, I do not over pronate and I am not a heel-striker, so in the end I did not need the support shoe that I thought I needed. Just needed something wide with good mid-cush. The PureFlow is actually a minimalist shoe, something I never thought I could get away with. And much as I find the Kermit Green ones amusing I think I will ultimately seek the black and blue.

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