04 April 2012

KingCast: As in China as in the U.S. -- Ai Weiwei's new "installation" exposes government hypocrisy on the same cameras it uses to monitor its citizens.

Watch Who's Afraid of Ai Weiwei? on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.
As I noted yesterday and on other occasions in my ongoing media coverage of government and corporate malfeasance in Revere, Massachusetts, the government hates it when we turn cameras back at them. That is what makes Ai Weiwei's current WeiweiCam installation hootlarious, as noted in this PBS feature. Here is the L.A. Times feature on "Never Sorry" from Sundance 2012. Nice, keep it up my brother.
Meanwhile back in America I am still awaiting return on two crucial First Amendment press-related matters: In no particular order of importance first I present my FOIA request for U.S. Trustee Lawrence Sumski's office relative to his "efforts" to combat B10 BK claims abuse. Put simply many U.S. Trustees across the Country are making banks prove up their right to foreclose, but Sumski is the bank's hidden asset, a real sock puppet. Now journos are supposed to get responses free of cost, but someone has sua sponte determined that I am not a journo, which is odd given my background as noted in the "ongoing media coverage" link above, and because specific NH law states otherwise and because the revised FOIA rules state otherwise, extra extra read all about it.

Second is KingCast v. Senator Kelly Ayotte, Nashua GOP and Nashua PD, NH Dist. 2010-CV-501. I sued them because Kelly Ayotte violated her own offers to be included in media events by throwing me out of them, even after Nashua Republican Committee Chair Dennis Hogan allowed me in! Hogan of course knows me as a journo on prior occasion. Landya B. McCafferty, Kelly Ayotte's erstwhile law associate from the Defense Counsel's firm of McLane, Graf tried to preside over the case and railroad me but alas I busted her, and made her recuse and then the Domino Theory took hold and I made every NH Federal Judge recuse themselves before the oral argument on Defendants' Motions to Dismiss was heard by Rhode Island Judge John J. McConnell on or about 5 December, 2011. I telephoned the Court last week to inquire as to when a Decision may issue. Just Google the names for the videos they are all on my YouTube channel "Save the First Amendment." See my Internet friend Dennis Gilman's efforts out in Arizona with Sheriff Joe Arpaio as well, whom I have also captured in video.

And of course we all know that Nashua PD has a history of wrongful arrest when people point cameras at them, search the names Dave Ridley, Mike Gannon and Pamela Reynolds on this journal. Journo Dave Ridley was acquitted, Reynolds was acquitted, and they have offered Mr. Gannon -- a previous victim of their abuse -- a dismissal of charges on his current case from July 1, 2011 when the cops arrested, maced and thrashed him alongside Ms. Reynolds because he was running camera on them at the park after two Nashua Detectives started trash talking him. In my case Nashua PD ran me out of the entire Crown Plaza after I had already left the area leased by the GOP. What a bunch of creeps, that's no way to treat a former Assistant Attorney General... unless you don't like him turncoating on you of course. Domino Theory. China. Get it?  Here listen to the Minutemen tell it, and watch these yoots doing "Vietnam." Awesome. So glad I got to meet D. Boon before he left us.
Minutemen - Viet Nam
"Let's say i got a number that number's fifty thousand that's ten percent of five hundred thousand oh here we are in french indochina executive order congressional decision the working masses are manipulated was this our policy? ten long years not one domino shall fall...." 
.....and then we turn around and treat our people the same damn way the Communists treated theirs, fooled or impressed I am not.

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Christopher King said...

Larry Sumski, in open Court, not knowing I was standing right next to him told the Court that I was the alleged Debtor's "Cohort" and posting videos on YouTube.

Too bad Federal and BK Courts do not allow cameras, wonder why.

Anyway, he's a complete tool.

-The KingCaster.