19 April 2012

KingCast and NH State Representatives school Revere Neighborhood Developer lawyer Howard Brown on who is a journalist.

24 April 2012 Update
KingCast demands original test reports on this publicly-funded project;
Tells RND and Revere City Hall: Name your poison. See below the fold.
Clifford Pisano and supporter Lincoln Redly video capture.

Dear Attorney Brown:

Saturday afternoon update: The Court stated that there was no such thing as a written deposition, but I know in Federal Rules of Civil Procedure there is, and apparently so too in Massachusetts. Mr. Pisano had asked for one because of his mental disability, i.e. a brain injury resultant from a childhood beating that left him with his head split open and in coma for weeks I believe.

I have a movie coming for you by this evening, probably 6p. or so, get your popcorn, truffle butter and Chimay all set. It looks as if your client and Mr. Pisano and his legal assistant had amicable discussions today. You told Clifford Pisano today that I am "not a real journalist." Let me school you quick fast and in a hurry. I did not cease to be a "real journalist" in 1990 when I left the Indianapolis Star (bottom right) and went to law school. Further, I do not cease to be a "real journalist" just because I am critical of the zoning process at 525 Beach Street or because I rolled video of you ignoring me as you ducked into a courthouse elevator. As the accompanying video shows, elected officials beg to differ with you, and I have already spoken on this issue when I co-paneled a forum at last year's New England News and Press Annual Conference and Trade Show. My pictures and videos from murder trials and multimillion dollar jury trials have been republished by the Revere Journal and large regional media with WBZ using footage from the Scott Hyman $1.7M anti-Semitic Jury Trial. And clearly the Boston Herald and Joanna Marinova's lawyers consider me a journalist, just look at the (failed) subpoena at left.

Now then the bottom line on Mr. Pisano's case is that I believe he filed a Motion for Leave to Amend his Complaint, along with the proposed Amended Complaint, and I have video of you and a Judge acknowledging that these documents exist. I have not yet checked for 100% Rule 9A compliance, but suffice it to say that if you all don't reach agreement, and even should your client prevail on a Motion to Dismiss for lack of standing in the Administrative Appeal regarding the nondisclosure of contamination during the zoning process at 525 Beach Street, Mr. Pisano is free to file in Nuisance. So not only am I a journalist, I am a lawyer managerial zoning and title insurance backgrounds and closing in on 400,000 YouTube visitors and hundreds of followers. 

I will cover whatever I decide to cover. I will write, video, edit and publish what I want to, when I want to and how I want to, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop that. So if I want to come to your office tomorrow and video Mr. Pisano's entry to your office I will do as I please and it was silly of you to seek help from the Court today against that. You are more than welcome to ask me to leave, and I will immediately comply with your lawful request. I define how the game is played Counselor, not you, and so you had best get used to it as long as you represent anyone involved in a case of interest to me. You cannot prevent me from gaining that which I already own. Have a Nice Day. And I'm glad you apparently stopped by to enjoy my work!
Xo Communications (


Update from 1 May 2012 LOL.

Greetings Counselor! Remember how you told Clifford Pisano I wasn't a "real journalist" and I proved you wrong? Hell I've probably forgotten more about journalism and the First Amendment than you will ever begin to know. Also, in anticipation of you saying I wasn't a "real New England zoning manager" I thought I would send you one of the more difficult zoning approvals I obtained, up in Andover at Trinitarian Church. Take a minute to read the minutes. The Church is happy and everything went as planned, but oh, it was very hotly contested, you bet. So what's next Counselor, my father was not a "real toxicology residue chemist" either?

Now the next time you go around trying to talk some shit, I recommend you do your homework first so I don't have to publicly school you like this. So if you think you were in some material way disturbing me with your silly little no-trespass letter, you are sadly mistaken for there is no trespass on the Internet, LOL fella have a nice day. 

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Request for production of Revere 525 Beach Street test results: Name your poison.

Christopher King
9:20 AM (5 minutes ago)
to hmbtmldcpejbjjfjlhregstacisjccountyclerkSJCReporterElizabeth.Bouv.joan.kenneyRMeketonLincolniris.davisscorcoranahoustondkeenekmatosgreutereloomisjbillawassermanmguananjacrijo
To all: 
To all: 

I am glad to know that Mr. Pisano and Revere Neighborhood Developers have reached some sort of settlement relative to his Admin. Appeal from Zoning, which again resulted in ZBA approval of the project without the public being able to comment on the actual levels of contamination. These levels were well known to RND however, and that is why their Attorney Howard Brown refused to answer my simple question on the matter as noted in this recent news video, where you can see the ridiculous "no-trespass" letter he sent me, as if that is going to deter me from obtaining the Truth.



So to that end, let me inform all of you that I have calculated a method reasonably calculated to produce the desired release.

So you have been warned. And unlike the silly no-trespass letter issued by Attorney Brown, RND and the City of Revere are going to suffer consequences for nondisclosure, so they can take their lumps now or later. If they take them now I make a nice summary video and wish everyone the best. If they continue to fight production of the original test results for the general public then, well...... let's just say I will pursue a different tack. Please advise by close of business Wed. 25 April 2012 as to whether RND will voluntarily provide the information to me or to any other media outlet. Until then, sail on, and name your poison.

Christopher King, J.D.

http://KingCast.net -- Reel News for Real People
http://MortgageMovies.blogspot.com -- Documenting Deceit


Christopher King said...

In the video Lincoln Redly tells me about the "hide the peanut" November application for zoning variance. I forgot that I had referenced this on prior occasion by stating that "the contamination was reference only in a prospective sense, when they already knew of the contamination and the levels of contamination."

So there was indeed deception involved and all the goddamn trespass letters in the World will not stop it. Attorney Brown can get as mad at me as he wants to but he cannot change the fact that his client deceived the public in this zoning process and I caught them doing it.

That is what real journalist do Attorney Brown, whether you like it or not.


"Application for Special Permit or Variance or Appeal from the Decision of the Building Inspector"

Q12: Describe the soil conditions, shape or topography especially affecting the land or structures in question, but not affecting generally the zoning district in which the land or structures are located which [led] the appellant to seek this variance.

A12) The parcel is an irregularly-shaped 18,360 square foot lot with approximately 122 feet of frontage along the southwest side of Beach Street. Though the parcel is roughly rectangular in shape, it is narrower toward its rear boundary, creating challenges with applicable dimensional requirements. In particular, the parcel's shape creates difficulty in placing a multi-unit residential structure within the required setbacks and allowable Floor Area Ratio. In addition, the shape and dimensions of the parcel make providing the number of parking spaces called for by the Zoning Ordinances infeasible.

A12, para 2) The parcel is also unique in that it currently houses a dilapidated warehouse building that is severely non-compliant with the current Zoning Ordinance. For this reason, the parcel presents the unique situation where granting the requested variances will significantly increase the amount of open space on the property.

A12. para 3) Revere Neighborhood Developers, LLC (RND) understands the prior uses of this parcel, and has conducted environmental due diligence. In the event that any reportable contaminants were to be discovered in the soil on the site, RND would work with state and federal environmental agencies to remediate the site in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Have a Nice Day Counselor.
I will, now that I have put you and your client in your place.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

And let me tell you one more thing Counselor: You see the Certificate of Service on my Second Notice of Media Coverage?

It says "Hand delivered to you, right." That's what it will be, and you call the police on me or try to have me arrested while I am delivering a legal document I will sue the living snot out of you. I will not tolerate your attempted stronghand methods to strangle the free press.

There. I am glad we understand each other better now.

Christopher King, J.D.