13 April 2012

KingCast and Mortgage Movies sneer at CNN Money story that reads like a press release from the mortgage & banking industry.

Here is today's CNN story, and here is my reply. I saved my reply because they have enabled comment moderation of course.
Many foreclosures have been in limbo since fall 2010 following the so-called robo-signing scandal, when banks allowed employees to sign off on thousands of foreclosure documents a month with little verification.
"So-called robo-signing"
"Bank employees"

Have you ever heard of the concept that you have to have STANDING in order to initiate a foreclosure, and the forged or fake documents notarized or signed by people FAKE TITLES might not pass legal muster?

This story reads like a press release from the banking industry. Robo-signing and the bifurcation of note and mortgage have been done in ways that clearly violate UCC Articles §3 and 8, and you put out some garbage like this? Is Bethany Hood a "bank employee?" Is she a "MERS employee?" If so why does the law firm of Fein, Such & Kahn have no comment for me, and why does Ms. Hood (a postal clerk for lender processing services) pass me off to her legal team that never returns my phone call?

Look folks
I was an assistant state attorney and licensed title insurance producer so let me ask you why you think half the states that MERS violates a chain of title? Further, I know of people who never missed a payment who lost their homes. Look at Lamar Gunn, a financial planner for Pete's sake. He got the notary in his case decommissioned over robo-signing.

And here is an old black woman in Illinois who never missed a payment so National City Bank then illegally and retroactively changed her escrow in order to try to put here out so they could manufacture good title:

There is a reason that NY and US Attorneys General are issuing subpoenas.

Watch the videos here where you can see banks violating specific court orders to produce the original note and mortgage, and you can watch a lawyer lie to the court and tell the court that he has the original note and mortgage in his desk:


These are bogus securities (with notes that never reach the alleged trust) being bundled and sold with Goldman Sachs the same way that fake contracts with duped small business merchants are being bundled and sold.


This entire scandal and bled money out of the United States and into foreign banks while banks run to foreclose everywhere to try to manufacture good title, it is truly a pathetic operation, as Federal Judges Boyko, Holschuh, and State Judge Arthur Schack and many more will tell you. Just Google the names and start acting like responsible journalists instead of being a mouthpiece for the banking industry.

And when you are done with that Google Francis J. Bevilacqua and see where that takes you. I wrote for a daily newspaper before I went to law school and I would never have written a story like this, you should be ashamed.

Disgustingly yours,
Christopher King, J.D.
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