16 April 2012

Fox News, KingCast and U.S. Veteran Glenn McBride concur: The VA is a dangerous place to seek help for U.S. Veterans.

Even though Fox News did a disappearing act on the landmark $1.7M Scott Hyman anti-semitic case in Lakeville/Hemlock Association (still pending), they got it right this time: 

From 2010: Last month, a decorated Gulf War hero received a letter from the Veterans Affairs Administration that said: We are working on your claim for menstrual disorder. There was just one problem: The claim was submitted for fibromyalgia. Make that two problems: The claim was submitted by Glenn McBride, a 40-year-old man from Roanoke, Va., who most definitely does not get menstrual cramps. It's a bad sign when your health insurance provider can’t figure out which gender reaches for the Midol. (Hint: it's the one without the prostate.)

My Uncle had to sue them too. Your tax dollars, hardly working. Mr. Glenn was working for this Country though.... but don't trust me. Read the book instead... The Road to Safwan.

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