02 March 2012

Road Rage: KingCast catching up on O'Connell/Fasano in Quincy, MA and punk-assed Cody Eller in New Hampshire.

William O'Connell Statutory Rape & Cocaine: 
Okay, so since I checked up on it in August, no real news. Pretrial hearing 24 April but I need to determine what charges are manifest at that hearing. There is a sealed-file issue that I need to brush up on, however. Here is a journal entry linking Alyssa Giacobbe's Boston Magazine story.

Robert O'Connell/Joseph Fasano cocaine-fueled road rage:
Status hearing on the record 28 March, the O'Connell cases are both featured herein, and the short films from said journal entry are above. You just gotta love Fasano's high-dollar civil lawyer pointing his finger at my camera as he asks "Is that on?" "It is now....."

Cody Eller rage against innocent motorcyclist:

KingCast Exclusive Update 20 March 2012:
10 August trial management 10a.
20 August trial 9a.

Clerk cannot seem to lay eyes on that file for the past several weeks. She is very nice and very diligent, so it's not her that I am concerned about, it is the fact that there's nothing in the system that is detailing what happened at the last structuring conference a month ago. I'll be checking back (again) next week. The last Cody Eller coverage is here, where I was interviewed by the Georgia Abate Chapter Secretary Ned Williams. Too bad I can't find that damn SD card right about now, it was a solid 20-minute session but the two Cody Eller videos are available through the above link.

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