02 March 2012

National City Bank Uses Escrow Manipulation to Fraudulently Foreclose on 70 year-old woman, they should be in prison for this.

(Lightbulb came on: 
They never amended subsequent "complaints" in writing because they were barred by res judicata, i.e. they had already lost. Read and watch carefully).

Every day I get a phone call or an email from someone hurting from mortgage foreclosure fraud I feel the bile rise and I throw up a little in my mouth. In this case they tried the first time and she showed them proof of payment and the Judge threatened to audit the bank, case closed. They tried a second time and got shut down again and had to remit $4,000 in bogus fees and charges. Is the third time the charm? They have now managed to gain traction by retroactively changing her monthly payment and seem on track to boot an innocent woman out of her home. They denied her discovery in the State Court and now she is suing for Fraud in the Federal Court, and she claims her Federal Claims should not be truncated by Rooker-Feldman or Res Judicata because the bank's theories of foreclosure have shifted each time and thus she did not truly litigate the issue before the Court in a way that should invoke those doctrines. If they get the house I hope she sues them for a RICO violation. They somehow managed to dodge liability in this 2009 case, Frederick v. Select Portfolio and Pierce & Associates but in my heart of hearts I believe they did in fact lie to the homeowner about when the auction would be. Most of these foreclosure mills are pure dirtbags, just like Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg -- who called the police on another innocent homeowner seeking proof of standing to foreclose. Then the police came and were on our side. Watch the movie.
Watch today's video to see how the Chicago, Illinois Pierce and Associates foreclosure mill operated, leading to Donna J. Gaston v. National City Bank, Case No. 1:11-CV-01057 (Fed. Dist. Central Ill).

4p 2 March 2012 update: Caught them looking, same way I got Eckert Seamans looking at the LaMar Gunn case where the notary took a powder and Judge Silverman dismissed the servicer Complaint. The little people are going to have our day folks, and much of it will be captured in KingCast 1080p vision.
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Top of of the Afternoon, Counselors.

I see, so res judicata applies only against the homeowner, nice.

I hope you all or oh-so are proud of yourselves, cleaning up the dirt in the ancestry of this mortgage.

In point of fact one day I will visit your law offices so you can tell me in person just how proud you are. And don't be upset when I come, you should have tea and crumpets ready for me because other dirtbag banks will see what a good job you do, and you can grow your client base.


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