07 March 2012

Mats Wilander phones home: "Hey Mom, Lendl's back!"

I did not see this match in person but I did see Mats and Mac, still have the last game ball on my desk when Mats flipped it to me as he lost to John. It's great seeing the old school, new school has its merits of course, but I just don't relate to it as much. I must go find my Kneissl Pro and hit a few with it, I just can't remember where the hell I put it. It's so whippy compared to modern rackets but back then we thought it was fairly stiff when we mimicked that infamous Lendl forehand... which in turn was like a pop gun next to the Sampras forehand. I dunno, I think Sampras would have owned Roger..... now that I look back on his matches, Pete was one bad MF, seriously.

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