16 March 2012

Mass DEP's Steve Johnson and KingCast discuss the gasoline and asbestos contamination issues next door to Clifford Pisano, at 525 Beach Street, Revere Mass.

First off even the EPA and the U.S. District Court know Revere is, well, full of shit, LOL. Dig this Complaint I am downloading so you can see on his employment case, that when Clifford Pisano says Defendant Ambrosino and Michael Murphy were unprofessional and downright rude and threatening, he does not walk alone on this modern day Trail of Tears. Terri Pechner-James & Sonia Fernandez v. Tom Ambrosino & City of Revere 03-CV-12499 (link to complaint) case settled after Attorney Dilday mopped the floor with these guys: 
"34. On or about June 26, 2001 Plaintiff asked Lieutenant Murphy for a vacation day so that she could spend a holiday with family. Lieutenant Murphy responded in a condescending and demeaning manner. He told Plaintiff that she should have been a secretary if she wanted to take off holidays."
The problem is pervasive throughout the city. Insiders know this, i.e. Marty Gonya's case over at DPW "What are you retarded! Are you deaf!" Come to find out he is a bit developmentally disabled, and legally deaf. What is Revere's excuse. It will take a Good Bit more than $60 Large to fix that, folks. By the time I am finished documenting this, they will hear me loud and clear. 'Nuff sed.

Okay so then back to the CERCLA 21E 525 Beach Street contamination issue: First of all, what happened in the testing that was going on back in August, 2011 as noted on this website? The EPA told me that they don't have any reports yet, and here it is seven (7) months later....

And next, taking this at face value the City of Revere knew full well that gasoline tanks were present and removed. The question remains then why there is no specific reference to these tanks in the recent zoning approvals, and we need to make certain that any work conducted last year did not run afoul of the stated purpose of egress and windows. Then we need to know who is handling the testing for soils toxicology and asbestos. Check for video from the next City Council meeting soon.

After Mr. Pisano and I forwarded the CD of the bottom video, as documented in the top video, Mr. Johnson telephoned me at about 12p today and we talked.... for half an hour. It is now 12:29 and I will say this: Mr. Pisano will present to City Council that he needs to know the identity of who is testing for contamination and asbestos. Mr. Johnson told me that in addition to the card I pulled from 1924, the tanks were removed on or about 27 March, 1980.... not long before the SOUP KITCHEN found a temporary home there. Ewwwww...... anyway here is a glimpse into how Revere, Mass operated under Defendant and current SJC wonk Tom Ambrosino.

3p update: Mr. Pisano -- who lives directly next door -- was in high school then and home every day.... and he does not recall any such work being done. Certainly it is not the type of job that could be done in one day..... and none of his neighbors recall seeing the tank come out, including the police officer who lives across the street. I again called EPA again and he will seek a copy of the documentation so we can verify with ink date.
"When Jerry Scoppettuolo bought it from Alan (Ginesky) he broke that ground up inside the building and put in those cylinders and there is a large black pipe, it looks like a sewer pipe put inside a trench..... there couldn't have been permits done."
Whatever the case, the land records on this property are a hoot. There are at least five instruments of taking for nonpayment of taxes... '1988, '93, 97, 2000, 2001....with "Beach Street Realty Trust 525" as mortgagor in 1987 at $450K.... how it got from the city to them is anyone's guess from the niggardly assortment of documents one can obain online. I'll be reading assiduously. I love the foreclosure deed of 17 Aug 2009 from Alan Ginesky back to Jerry Scappettuolo at the bottom right. What a money pit. But perhaps not...... 
And riddle me this Batman:Why does the municipal lien certificate of 16 Sept. 2011 put land and building at $446,600 yet the mortgage taken 15 December 2011 (Chelsea Neighborhood Developers from Life Insurance Community Investment Initiative, LLC) is at $675 large? That's 33% folks, would that mere mortals could realize that sort of boost compared to what their assessed value is. Not to mention the Quitclaim Deed from Scappettuolo to 525 Beach Street Ltd. Partnership the following day for $750K. It's all quite confusing because these entities are all basically run by the same people. I'll need to sit down and pore through many many files at the Secretary of State before I can make sense of this with any certainty, and I used to clear title for a living mind you. Anyway that's a whopping 40% swing in three (3) months in a down market. 
These are Salad Days for an old dilapidated, building likely infused with asbestos products above ground and nasty petroleum or other dyno solvents below. Brilliant.

Seems the Commonwealth is quite interested, with Good Reason...

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Christopher King said...

Query, are there any poplar or other shade-bearing trees on the property?

Because something sure seems mighty shady to me LOL.

-The KingCast