08 March 2012

KingCast sees Joshua Youseff and Stop Judicial Child Abuse expose more corruption in NH family court.

In this second hearing installment, Mr. Youssef takes on several more tough legal and procedural issues that cut right to the heart of the corruption in the N.H. Family Court and N.H. Judiciary in General - specifically:

   1) how former guardian ad litem Tracy Bernson filed a false police report, and through her attorney has attempted to improperly influence 2 judges that have been involved in the Youssef matter - a Class-B felony under N.H. RSA :3

   2) How N.H. Circuit Court Administrative Judge Edwin Kelly contradicted himself by saying he cannot adjudicate Youssef's grievances and that "appeal" is the only procedural remedy - but then he signed 2 orders granting recusal of the incompetent, corrupt, feminist Marital Master Nancy J. Geiger and changing the case venue

   3) How Youssef's May 20th, 2011 parenting plan was not ordered in accordance with N.H. RSA 490-D:9, and thus, should not be enforceable; and how the court "apologized" to Mr. Youssef basically asking Youssef to "cut them some slack." (quotations added)

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