11 March 2012

KingCast says "Good Hair, Great Movie."

Note: That is the effect of relaxer on a coke can after some time, how much time I don't know nor is it relevant if you think about it. If you think the coke on a penny trick is scary, well then welcome to another Dimension.

The runway styling exercises at the end of this movie just flat rock. That having been said, what is fascinating of course is that Europeans, Asians and Indians run the black hair market and have done so for years now. I knew Tracey Gardner from Chicago from years back and so I remember when L'Oreal bought them out... and while I can't say I blame them, the thing that Reverend Sharpton correctly points out is that it is distressing that black people have lost control over a product and process that is pretty much unique to us. For some reason I had never seen Chris Rock's "Good Hair" (imdb) until yesterday. Whatever the alleged controversies are, I'll say this: It is a movie for all women (and for all men for that matter) because of the universal truths that it presents. As to the lawsuit brought by Regina Kimbell (My Nappy Roots: A Journey Through Black Heritage imdb), I don't know much about this area of law but she did acknowledge that Rock was already working on his project when she showed him her footage, soooo.....  Anyway because you can't find actual decisions online about much of anything these days, below the fold is the 19 October, 2011 Decision in Case No. 09-CV-7249 in the California District Court, Central Division.

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