02 March 2012

KingCast presents his next hotrod: A Canon 5D MKIII.

Seen here with the battery grip, which I might get for my 60D because it gives more stability when shooting impromptu street-vid and plus, well it looks cool. And if you ever need to get past somewhere that's giving you a hard time the bigger the camera the better your odds.

I've always been into hot-rod little cars and motorcycles, but going forward it's all going to be about hot-rod cameras, folks. One day I will have a vintage (pre '86) Leica for stills and the new Canon 5D MKIII. With 63-zone metering (actually my 60D has this) and ISO get this -- 102,400 (compared to 12,800). While Canon has released an uber hot-rod 1 DSIII, that camera is superfluous to what I'll ever need and for its price I can have the 5D MKII with several lenses as well as that vintage Leica. This baby will be able to document the downfall of Western Civilization (see generally mortgagemovies journal) in the finite detail that I deem necessary. Fraudulent banksters, dishonest judges and sleazy banksters watch out. Honestly, it's more rewarding and better for the environment than my old 4-wheeled hotrod seen below, which may have been shot with a disposable throw away camera LOL. 
PS: Boycott B & H. I bought my 60D there before I knew this, but they have a piss-poor employment record on Civil Rights, and that's a fact.

PPS: While the scuffed-in Leica I saw Saturday cost a few hundred dollars, the Prada Hot-Rods at $1,450 cost as much as a 60D body, a kit lens and a cheap tripod, LOL.


Christopher King said...

I remember the BMW Holy Grail:

Jim Conforti chip + Borla exhaust.... now I'm like, okay what is my first L Series lens going to be, LOL.

Also, new BMWs (and Porsches, except for the 2012 Boxster and Cayman) might be bloody fast but they put me right to sleep nonetheless.

-The KingCaster.

Michael Holman said...

The downfall of Western Civilization....wow.