15 March 2012

KingCast is gone to market with Canon 60D and 24-85 USM 3.5-4.5.

As I say, especially in good light it will do just fine until the 24-105L or 24-70L (quite a quandry on that choice) comes along! At 200/f 6.3/ISO 500 (37mm) this one came out well overexposed as I was shooting something else from a car and just caught this as the light changed. I tightened it up a little in post. Deal is, I will likely go with the 70 because it's faster (2.8 v. 4) and that is better for bands and art gatherings even though it lacks IS. Then rock a Zeiss 2/35 (which is a 56mm on a 60D) for quality still/portrait work. 

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