13 March 2012

KingCast is catching up with guitarist Alec Berlin at Arlene's Grocery.

Alec Berlin (American Idiot, Rent), is the baddest guitarists I've ever had the pleasure of knowing -- except for Trent Berry of course. Here is his website, where you can purchase the new release "Innocent Explanations." I can't wait to get these two on stage together that will be a hoot. Alec writes and performs what I like to call cerebral rock, with influences from all over the musical map. So I journeyed over to Arlene's Grocery last night as I have not had the pleasure of seeing him perform in about twenty years, since he used to play on the lawn at Coventry/Arabica Coffeehouse in my law school days. Also, his older brother Matt was there the show was great and the opening band was solid as well, details and video later. There is Matt in the picture from this 2005 journal entry flipping the bird on my clubhouse circa 1973 LOL bro, Good Thing my mom never threw anything out. These Berlin boys can rock a Jew fro like no one else.

Anyway there's a reason I don't go out late night during the week, as you approach the big 5-oh you find that your morning workout routine  becomes shall we say, compromised LOL. But this show was worth it, a little Hawken reunion going on there, read the comments for the details on that but I remember when Alec was the kid brother in diapers, now that we are all over 40 we have to laugh at that.... the asymptote rule of age right. More pics below, but first an ode to their father Maurice "Moe," who was a true automotive visionary. He brought in British Leyland, Volvo, Jaguar and BMW to Cleveland and then helped pioneer the certified pre-owned premium brands. I will never forget waiting for the bus in high school -- well before I would even start buying BMWs -- and looking underneath some of the cars with the salesmen because these cars (mostly the British ones) would sometime leak oil when brand new. I'm serious. But anyway as I note in this video I got hooked, and before that my father bought 6 Volvos from Moe and his crew between 1967 and 1994, the orange one in '74 I remember we closed the deal at the Berlin's modest home in Shaker Heights as their mother "Super Sue" hooked up the vittles. My parents and Moe would go at it like Sam Sheep Dog and Ralph Wolf on the cars ("Well that's the MSRP" "Yeah but what did you pay for it, what's your hold back blah blah blah") then the next day have a drink or dinner, too rich.

And speaking of Hawken, the young lady next to the silly man worked with my neighbor and Hawken alum Courtney Rohler, who took extended maternity leave from her post as Production Manager at Radio City Music Hall, allowing everyone to move up to fill the void. Six Degrees.

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