04 March 2012

KingCast interviews Retna at new SoHo mural installation.

Photos not retouched..... And as I did not shoot in raw I have no excuse to tamper. I figure if he only got one cut at it then that's all I'm taking, dig? Also I'm going to start carrying the Rode SVM everywhere I go in NYC because you just never know who or what you might see, especially when you are walking past the original Keith Haring hang out. Honestly we just went for a walk but then...... So you will have to deal with camera body audio but it was still pretty cool to actually run into the artist instead of just catching their work post hoc. Video by tomorrow, NYC internet "speeds" are deplorable. Seriously, that which takes 10 minutes in Boston is an overnight affair with Time Warner in LES. Pathetic. 
Digital Retna journal.
Vanishing New York journal. I have no horse in this race, I just observe.

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