19 March 2012

KingCast goes to ACLU on the July 1, 2012 changes to SJC 1:19 Cameras in Courtroom: No cameras in the common areas!

It is uncanny that I went to the Courthouse today with the public records request at left to determine what the rule really is regarding non-covert videotaping in all areas of the courthouse. The new Rule was posted about an hour after I arrived. I put in my request because a Court clerk bellowed at me "You can't do that," as I was covering Clifford Pisano's lawsuits against Revere, Mass, SJC wonk Tom Ambrosino, Boxford Police Chief Michael Murphy and Revere Bad Cop Todd Randall, presently residing at Club Fed somewhere down South. Watch him say it, then tell me "go ahead" then again change the directive in the above video at 5:30 in..... These gents are no strangers to paying out litigation, see the "Black niggers" journal entry reflecting the allegations of then Plaintiff Israel Vieux. Nasty stuff. Very nasty. And Messrs Ambrosino and Murphy failed to acknowledge that it even happened, I have read the Court file.

Here then are the old and new SJC 1:19 rules, and here is the upshoot:
1. The clerk was wrong because there was no such prohibition.
2. The new rule seems to forbid the general community and news media to roll video or to take stills in the hallways. This is in a section that addresses "covert video..." but my actions -- and the actions of other journos major, minor and in-between are anything but covert so that is a misnomer. I would favor a Constitutional challenge to that and will contact the ACLU tomorrow morning. They like my stills and have published some of them relative to the bigoted, racist and failed Jason Vassell prosecution.
3. The new rule expands the definition of journalist to include those of us who largely self-publish, or publish online. This is a Good Thing, because it gets a bit ridiculous for someone like me to have to explain my legal background or that I choose not to work for large daily press anymore. More details on the ACLU response as it happens, but for now just imagine a World without hallway video or stills.... that's crazy. And it unduly trammels the First Amendment Right of media to obtain and to report the news, just my $.02.

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