19 March 2012

KingCast cuts to the chase in Revere, MA: Where are the results from the environmental testing that was done back in May, 2011?

Okay so then back to the CERCLA 21E 525 Beach Street contamination issue: First of all, what happened in the testing that was going on back in August, 2011 as noted on the Revere Neighborhood Developers blog, i.e.  this website? The EPA told me that they don't have any reports from them yet, and here it is seven (7) months later.... so I sent some emails and made some phone calls to Revere Neighbor Network and back to Steve Johnson at the EPA..... 20 March Update: Steve Johnson called me back today and he will attempt to obtain the test results. Why won't the others share them with me (or with City Hall) I wonder?

I need the test results at 525 Beach Street ASAP.

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I need the test results at 525 Beach Street ASAP.

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Thank you.

  • 525 Beach Street Housing:  Emily Loomis, CND Director of Real Estate, presented our real estate development strategy and described the proposed Beach Street development.  We seek to build vibrant neighborhoods accessible to people with a mix of incomes.  To that end, we build housing that is affordable in perpetuity, and make a long-term commitment to working in a community, building connections between neighbors and offering opportunities for people to build household assets.  In Revere, we’ve begun with 14-16 Nahant, a property we bought out of foreclosure and rehabbed to a high neighborhood standard.  Where it was possible, we maintained tenancies of that property.  We are building 7 units of elderly housing in the fire station, and are proposing a larger, multi-family property at 525 Beach Street, informed by the Gateway Cities plan and conversations had with this committee, city officials, and other residents. 
    • Presentation and discussion: (Questions are in italics) 525 Beach Street is an empty warehouse that once housed an auto-body workshop.  We are proposing to build a three and four story building that has 30 apartments. 
    • Where are we in the process?  What’s the big picture and the likelihood that this will happen? The site is under agreement for CND and we are currently doing some testing on site to determine how much environmental remediation will be called for.   The results will inform our decision to buy the property or not.  More on this later.
    • The preliminary designs show our architect’s commi

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