09 March 2012

Pam Reynolds not guilty in Mike Gannon cameras and cops fracas in Nashua; KingCast and U.S. Department of Justice checking in on the Cody Eller motorcycle road rage case in Nashua, NH Hillsborough Superior Court.

KingCast Exclusive Update 20 March 2012:
August 10 trial management 10a.

Everything went dark for a while after the late January scheduling conference and there is nothing in the computer as of yet, but today I am informed that it is being set for scheduling and we should know something in the next week or two. Here is some back story and video with Demented Cycles folks. Unfortunately I may have lost the audio from when I was a guest speaker on Garage 71, the Georgia-based ABATE program last month, however I will endeavor to locate it or see if they have a show mp4. Brian wrote back, here it is, go to 14 Feb. 2012 Rumblings program, my portion starts at 11:00 in.

"....King, a motorcycle activist, is the only guy right now in the news media who is still following the Cody Eller case..." 

Above are the witness statements about the 1 July 2011 police attacks by Nashua's finest against Pamela Reynolds and Mike Gannon occasioned when they saw Mr. Ganon running video of them after they started trash-talking him at a downtown intersection. Above that is courtroom video #2 where Nashua PeeDee ushered out the first set of charges against Pamela Reynolds (I forget what all the charges were, but you know the typical obstruction of Justice, resisting arrest, assault on an officer type of bullshit) before I could even get to the courtroom and raise my tripod. Here is video #1. And I am duly informed that not even the initial bench trial for Pam Reynolds could sustain the bogus charges leveled at her for when she was beat down by the Nashua PD after Mike Gannon flipped her his portable camera after two of Nashua's finest Detectives started trash-talking him.

She told me the Prosecutor asked her "You and Mr. King made a video and you went down to the FBI, didn't you?" "Yes we did."

And so what? I'll rock a video any day I want to, and I will share it with the FBI any time I deem it appropriate. Remember, not only am I a U.S. Citizen, I have a background as a law enforcement attorney. Have a nice day Mr. Prosecutor.

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Michael Holman said...

The FBI has many corrupt members, even with Congressional support they found a way to tell me and my sons to go screw ourselves recently. Former FBI agent Jay Fallon called me twice in 2006 and told me Boston FBI couldn't care less, and it has rang true! Just like during the Civil Rights Movement, the Feds seem to hate blacks. No one in the likeness of our President is getting any love right now.....