22 March 2012

Folks who owe missing documents would rather spy on KingCast journal than cough them up: Uno's pregnancy termination and Revere, MA EPA 21-E CERCLA contamination at 525 Beach Street.

And of course you remember Revere, MA abutter Clifford Pisano's ongoing attempts to obtain the testing information at the contaminated building next door to his home? Here is the 525 Beach Street summary at the Chelsea Neighborhood Development website. Remember how earlier this week I proved that the Developers said testing was being completed nearly a year ago, in May, 2011 yet none of that information made it into site plan approval or zoning application or variance approval? Well the EPA's Steve Johnson is currently trying to obtain this information because gosh knows no one is providing it to Mr. Pisano, the City of Revere, or Yours Truly. Well take that back: They might have provided it to the City and they might have squashed it. Query, what are the levels of contamination from the 1924 cast iron 2,000 gas tank that was there for about 60 years? Not to mention the other solvents that were used by the car dealers & body shops..... enquiring minds want to know! 

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Christopher King said...

The real question is this:

How many Sarahs or 525 Beach Street situations are going on across This Great Country?

If I stumbled across two of them falling out of bed, there must be thousands. Yet we are told that illegal immigration, Muslims and other unsavory minorities (i.e. "niggers," I get that a lot in my hate mail) are ruining this Country.

I call complete bullshit on that, those people are so small-minded and ignorant that they miss the fact that I would be the first to protect them and to broadcast (KingCast) their stories if they were ever caught up in a bad situation with a bad corporate citizen, government or bank (at my Mortgage Movies Journal). And if and when Uno's or the Pisano cases go to trial Mr. Manfrotto and the trusty Canon 60D will be present to stand at attention and to broadcast all of it to the World.

Just ask the Boston Herald, seen here defending the pending Joanna Marinova Defamation case.