17 March 2012

"Black Niggers" and Clifford Pisano v. Revere - same game as Terri Pechner-James & Sonia Fernandez v. Tom Ambrosino, Michael Murphy & City of Revere 03-CV-12499: Unlawful, discriminatory conduct.

Note: City of Revere is in Defense of a pending Union case right now, 
Cecere v. City of Revere, 12-CV-10177
This black nigger is having no part of Revere, MA police abuse and prejudice, 
nor is my Italian nigger friend Clifford Pisano.
That is because we are Americans, we are not niggers. Are we clear? Good.

There will be a pause in play with Mr. Pisano's case as he has not yet served a Notice of Claim, so he told me he will be dismissing and refiling after he serves that on them, nice. Keep going Sir, the problem is pervasive throughout the city. Insiders know this, i.e. Marty Gonya's case over at DPW "What are you retarded! Are you deaf!" Come to find out he is a bit developmentally disabled, and legally deaf. What is Revere's excuse. It will take a Good Bit more than $60 Large to fix that, folks. By the time I am finished documenting this, they will hear me loud and clear. 'Nuff sed.
Clifford Pisano v. Revere - same game as Terri Pechner-James & Sonia Fernandez v. Tom Ambrosino &am...Dig this Complaint I am downloading so you can see on his employment case, that when Clifford Pisano says Defendant Ambrosino and Michael Murphy were unprofessional and downright rude and threatening, he does not walk alone on this modern day Trail of Tears. Terri Pechner-James & Sonia Fernandez v. Tom Ambrosino & City of Revere 03-CV-12499 (link to complaint) case settled after Attorney Dilday mopped the floor with these guys: 
"34. On or about June 26, 2001 Plaintiff asked Lieutenant Murphy for a vacation day so that she could spend a holiday with family. Lieutenant Murphy responded in a condescending and demeaning manner. He told Plaintiff that she should have been a secretary if she wanted to take off holidays."
But that's not all, folks. Camp out below the fold as I document the outcomes of several Revere cases noted herein:
1:06-cv-10041-LTS Vieux v. City of Revere et al

So Mr. Vieux is a "black nigger" huh guys.... so good that you could clarify the distinction between him being a black nigger and you guys being the white niggers that you are. Wherefore it cracks me up that Attorney Dilday is black and so am I. We are the niggers y'all love to hate, LOL. One day you will learn, and perhaps your new Mayor and Police Chief are a substantial step in the Right Direction as opposed to being substantial partners in crime. They have their work cut out for them.

1:00-cv-10396-WGY Suboh v. City of Revere, et al
1:00-cv-10584-RGS Portillo v. City of Revere, et al

1:03-cv-10065-RWZ Falta v. City of Revere, et al

1:07-cv-10925-JLT Pasholikova v. Town of Revere, Mass. et al

 Assad et al v. Collanino et al

1:99-cv-12273-MLW Giannino v. City of Revere, et al
I cannot get the Complaint through ECF/Pacer :(

1:97-cv-11229-GAO York v. City of Revere, et al


Christopher King said...

So I'm not going to be taking any shit from anybody on this, particularly not from Defendants Murphy or Ambrosino when I go to interview either of them.

I will be polite and cordial, that is all that is required. They are not required to respond.

Also, while I may not like it, I will allow them to call me a "black nigger" because I know they want to. Just let me make sure I've got my camera on, hahahaaaa...

-The KingCaster a/ka HNIC.

Dave said...

Have you ever questioned the state as to why about 90% of the officers at the Revere Beach station are white, while the population in the area is 60% white (at most), and the people who are being arrested appear to be about 10% white? This seems like a situation that's ripe for creating an environment where there's a lot of disrespect for the law.