08 March 2012

Clifford Pisano goes to press and EPA on job termination without hearing & CERCLA EPA 21E gas station coverup at 525 Beach Street.

RE: Meeting

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 6:16 PM
                I am prepared to discipline you for several incidents during this past year, including the most recent one on April 13, 2010 in which you allegedly tape recorded a union representative without his consent. 
The meeting is to provide you an opportunity to discuss your options. 
If you do not wish to meet, just let me know.  I will then impose discipline without discussion.
Tom A.

                I don’t care about your ongoing case.  You need to meet with me on one of those dates.
Tom A.
From: Cliff P [mailto:revereman_p@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 11:27 AM
To: Thomas Ambrosino
Subject: Re: Meeting
Dear Mr Mayor, I have an ongoing case with the Labor relations Board,Contact Mr. Byrnes or contact the City Solicitor.
Case # MUP-09-5616
Clifford Pisano

--- On Tue, 6/22/10, Thomas Ambrosino <tambrosino@revere.org> wrote:

From: Thomas Ambrosino <tambrosino@revere.org>
Subject: Meeting
To: "Cliff P" <revereman_p@yahoo.com>
Date: Tuesday, June 22, 2010, 9:08 AM
                I need to speak to you imminently regarding discipline arising out of several events this past year.  You must meet with me.  I will be available either this Friday morning at 7:30 a.m. or Monday morning at 8:30 a.m.
Tom Ambrosino

That's former Revere Mayor and Defendant Tom Ambrosino 
sticking his foot in his mouth, trying to attack Plaintiff Clifford Pisano 
for illegally taping a union meeting while Mr. Pisano had an ongoing case. 
Too bad the tape recorder was on the table in plain view, right.

....and he's bloody pissed off at his lawyer Michael Lustig for not moving his documentation into the record, including the Right-to-Sue letter from the AG, the unsworn complaint against him and bogus letters written from then-Captain Murphy. They are posted below. Says Mr. Pisano: "Mr. King, the guy just stood there and said 'My client is suing the City of Revere' and did nothing else, didn't break down the exhibits or anything. The folks at Board of Grievances told me that could be malpractice."

At top is the video from Mr. Pisano's lunchtime interview last week with a certain local newspaper, where Mr. Pisano discussed some of the things you will see in these pleadings, including the fact that an AFSCME Union rep Joe MacCarone (a Londonderry, NH LE) helped "represent" Mr. Pisano even though he allegedly was not eligible for representation. Further, his witness was not permitted to testify about what she observed relative to an unsworn criminal complaint that he had allegedly assaulted an elderly woman on the beach, who was wearing a crossing guard vest. That's a whoops. He also got in trouble for not leaving his post to receive a hearing notice, and he was written up for not attending a hearing on the very next day when he told them that was not enough time to get a lawyer. 

As you see by the September, 2009 letters from Defendant Murphy they suspended Mr. Pisano until 28 September, but what Defendant Ambrosino did next was call him into the office and fire him at the end of the school year in front of witnesses, as referenced in the movie, above. Another Nice Touch from the folks who patented the PD trunk taxi for rebellious youth back in The Day. Yah they want to press him he's going to make all of it public, flush out that septic tank that was Revere City Hall and PD. Whatever the case, after Tommy Ambrosino claimed they would fight his unemployment (watch the movie opening) they folded like a paper tiger and did not even contest his unemployment, because they knew they fired him without just cause and did not want to open up a can of worms. Read last week's journal entry and below the fold for more.....
Update: The Commonwealth is searching this journal, 
and for paralegal Bernard Grossberg,
a man who also set out to expose government corruption and malfeasance in Revere.

As some would say in Revere.... "send the envelopes back." 
Stay tuned for the next movie installment by 10p, soon thereafter will be my attempts to get the Principal Defendants to provide their side of the events. Folks in the Commonwealth are reading assiduously.

Previous videos here

While Revere may now have a good Police Chief, everyone and their mother knows that Revere and Lynn, MA are two of the biggest political cesspools on the East Coast. This video documents the efforts of one man, Clifford Pisano, to bring some of Revere's dirt -- figuratively and literally -- out into the open, with regard to his termination as crossing guard and union organizer and as abutter to a public housing project being built on contaminated land and funded with public monies.

I personally pulled the use history from City Hall and discovered the underground storage tank for gasoline going back to 1924. The question is, has that tank been illegally removed and how did the developers file a ZBA application that was approved for variance without once mentioning the word "gasoline."

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