23 March 2012

ACLU Watches as KingCast and Revere's Clifford Pisano Deliver a First Amendment Smackdown to a Snooty Suffolk County Court Clerk.

Another indie journo concerned about the downfall of Western Civilization.

Oh you better believe I brought my A Game today, I knew this guy was going to be a real schmuck.... and he proved me right. I am a good judge of character. He then had the nerve to ask his boss whether I was an attorney and his boss said "Oh yeah he's an attorney...." 

As if that matters. Whatever, I've earned that alphabet soup buddy, you go ahead and get yours if you can, bro but don't you ever mess with me again because I will smoke you every time, are we clear? I don't even know your name and guess what, I don't even care unless I decide to name you in a lawsuit, then I will find out you got that right. Now then, the message I am giving all journalists, J.D., Esq. or not -- is that there is no need to suffer any abuses against the First Amendment. As a former State Attorney I'm not having it. Not yesterday, not today, not ever. Here is some of the back story.

Related: I ran 5+ miles this morning, and that pales in comparison to the run-arounds I keep getting from Mr. Clerk.
Related: Van Halen and motocrosser X-Games femme fatale Heather Williams perform the Unofficial KingCast theme song. Also, another old school theme song about keeping smart, before hip-hop turned mostly misogynist and vapid. "Man you need to read about the newspaper, brothas is losing their lives, losing their minds....."

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