03 February 2012

Newsflash: The Boston Herald still sucks. Watch their lawyers try to wriggle out of the mess that Jessica Van Sack and Attorney Elizabeth Ritvo created, IMO.

The best part about being a journalist as opposed to a practicing attorney is that I get to say exactly what I think now about lawyers I don't like. And no, I don't particularly care for Attorney Ritvo, never have since the time I wrote her many years ago about a compelling First Amendment issue concerning me and she never got back with me. Funny I had forgotten all about that, but life sure is funny that way, isn't it. Anyway I did prevail on that matter, it involved the former NH AG Kelly Ayotte and her First Amendment attack on me as NH NAACP Legal Chair. So then, back to this case, here are some pictures and back story. And a Great Weekend to All. Go Joanna!

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