01 February 2012

KingCast/Motorsports Cody Eller punk-ass road rage update: Nothing. Absolutely, nothing.

Here's some back story links. Last hearing was a 25 January, 2012 scheduling conference, but the clerk just told me that there is no docket record of that taking place nor is there anything scheduled as of now, and the file is not in the file room so it must be in chambers.

Sorry to waste your time. Even more sorry my time was wasted. Time to prepare for the 2p Joanna Marinova v. Boston Herald & Jessica Van Sack Defamation hearing in Suffolk Superior. WHDH already settled. The latest information I have indicates that Herald attorney Elizabeth Ritvo read the Defamatory (IMO) story prior to publication. Now the Herald -- having lost on Summary Judgment -- is moving to have her declared a limited purpose public figure, but to my opinion they acted with malice anyway so what's the point.


Anonymous said...

Fist of all, get a life. You’re like fifty years old. I know Cody and hes not a criminal. Its called an accident for a reason. What nerve do you have making this website and posting shit like this? You must be really bored to harass a boy who already apologized for his mistake. Just be glad the motorcyclist didn’t die and no one was seriously hurt. Like just look at you talk shit about an 18 year old boy. This kids the nicest, sweetest, boy I’ve ever known. He doesn’t deserve all the harassment hes been getting. You’re not a saint, you’ve probably gotten a parking ticket, or pulled over for speeding in your life time. Are you mentally ill? Seriously, why are you so obsessed with getting into other peoples business. You already have all this crap about this one kid everywhere. Do you really not have anything else better to do with yourself? I swear to god if the world ends this year, I hope you’re the first to die.

Christopher King said...

Well then first of all, learn how to spell.

"Fist of all," what I do is called investigative journalism, yes I celebrate my 47th birthday in April so I was a journalist before law school and long before you were swimming in yer daddy's nutsack.

I have long been an activist for Civil Rights and motorcyclists and helped change the law in Boston and get better parking spaces to reward the use of efficient machines like ours. Watch the video:

I also minored in rhetoric. So when you use the term "mistake" I feel a need to deconstruct that. Do you mean that he mistakenly pulled into the victim.... or that he was mistaken in thinking he could get away with it?

Feel free to call in on Tuesday evening, I'll be on a talk show at Garage71 Radio hosted by the leader of the Georgia ABATE chapter. You know, responsible motorcyclists trying to stay alive out here. Your nice, sweet boy could have killed one of us, did you ever think of that?

Something better to do with myself? Hell yah and she's adorable love wandering around The City with her and taking nice walks in the park:

Autumn in New York.

And guess what? When we're not hanging out, I get to say and do whatever the hell I want to, like investigating mortgage fraud and unlawful child custody matters. Is that okay with you?

Oh, wait. I don't care.

It's called America, get over it.

Journal entry coming in a few minutes, wait for it.


Christopher King said...

Here's your Journal entry, special built just for you, like a virtual hot rod.


See you Tuesday then?

I so look forward to it.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

to the person who wrote the first comment:

1) what does age have to do with this? at all? like, really, what's the relevance???

2) this wasn't an "accident" it was a deliberate assault against a biker with a car ( clearly a deadly weapon ). calling it an "accident" is insulting, and misleading... Cody admitted to deliberately attempting to ( and succeeding in ) hitting the biker with his car... where's the "accident"? there isn't one...

3) this information is public knowledge... if you go around assaulting people with your car ( or any other deadly weapon ) it's going to rightly become public knowledge, and people can talk about it, if you have a problem with this, well, then, fuck off, and go live somewhere else...

4) he apologized for his "mistake"? when and where? and even if he /did/ apologize, so what?? this was not just a simple "mistake" the motorcyclist could have /died/ for this... died, dead, finished, the end... if someone did this to /you/ would you really feel the same way about it? oh, well, the guy apologized, so it's ok he killed my friend... really??? seriously???

5) this kid may be "nice" and "sweet" to /you/, when he's not committing /felonies/. but what he did was /NOT/ "nice" and "sweet" can't you see that? are you saying it's OK to use your car as a deadly weapon against other motorists??? would you feel the same if he did that to /you/ ????

6) comparing deadly first degree /assault/ with a /deadly/ weapon to a "parking ticket" or "speeding" is grossly unfair on your part, and not even close to the same thing... it's ridiculous for you to even think about comparing them. Again, I ask, would you feel the same if you were the /victim/ of this crime???

7) he deserves all this harassment and MORE... as a biker I am /shocked/ that this kid isn't in JAIL right /now/ for this crime, awaiting trial for /attempted murder/ ... because that's what this was... and still IS in my opinion... he should consider himself LUCKY that he's only being charged with first degree assault...

8) this issue is /everyones/ business.. /especially/ other bikers ( of which, I /am/ one ) because it is already dangerous enough out there in traffic without assholes like Cody Eller trying to deliberately kill us... if you have a problem with public actions being discussed by the public, then fuck off and go back to whatever hole you came out of.. public actions are subject to public scrutiny... don't like it? stay out of the public... this was a /public/ road... a public place... and therefore you are subject to the scrutiny of the public when you /choose/ to partake of public things ( like public roads )

9) grow the fuck up, I dunno if your just a friend of Cody's or a relative, and I don't care... anyone who defends this fucktard with this frivilous drivel deserves to be called out for the shallow selfish self-serving fucktarded asshole that they are... Chris, THANK YOU for continuing to follow this story and for posting updates... I and MANY of my biker friends are appalled and pissed off that this Cody asshole is still running around with a license when he should be in JAIL for attempting to deliberately KILL another human being! please keep up the good work, and apologies to you ( and only you ) for the profanity in this message... but FUCKING ASSHOLES like this FUCKTARD who try to pawn off deliberate crimes against bikers as mere "accidents' and "mistakes" need to be called out on their bullshit... I am one severely pissed off biker because I have to put up with stupid fucks like this continuing to be able to breathe the same air as I... I'm damn mad,... as are a lot of other people... Cody Eller MUST do JAIL TIME for his heinous crime...

that is all...


Christopher King said...

Also, as to age.... I am exactly William Hawksley's age.

So the writer of that comment was consistent, at least.

A consistently ignorant, hateful ass.

-The KingCaster.