01 February 2012

KingCast updates on First Amendment Nashua FBI complaints and Joanna Marinova v. Jessica Van Sack & Boston Herald Defamation lawsuit: Elizabeth Ritvo tight-lipped and evasive.

7:12a movie up -- Here is your back story on Limited Purpose Public Figure. Here is your back story on several other matters.

1:06a 3 Feb -- movie uploading, 13 minutes of pure 1080p unadulterated pretrial madness from the Canon 60D. Gone to bed, it will be up by 7a and circulating throughout the Internet, much to the consternation of some. I'll leave you to figure out who.

Here is the Nashua FBI background. I hope today's phone video uploads, stay tuned.

Details later, time to ride the Triumph. Hint: There are a lot of details. It was a good opportunity to use the new Manfrotto 390 Series tripod.

Key issues included the over-reaching Deposition by the Herald, whose attorneys also disclosed confidential information in open court that I will not repeat. It was sloppy at best, malicious at worst. Given the Herald's track record "Boone the Coone" I tend to find just cause to believe the latter. Watch what happened when I asked Attorney Ritvo the simple question as to whether she read the story before it ran. Her response is so foolish... because you should stand by what you do, every day.
7:45p update: Well dang, some good and bad. Bad first, I think I inadvertently erased my Q and A with Attorney Ritvo. Nah, I've got it. Never say never but I've neve erased or lost anything this good, I just didn't see it in the thumbnails at first. And I do have about 90% of the courtroom drama today, which lasted well over an hour. Judge Kaplan was amazing, I like her even if I don't agree with everything she said or did. She strikes me as basically fair and with more than a fair sense of humor. Anyway basically Attorney Ritvo said to me "I have no comment." Good next, the Boston PD Undercover/Detective intentionally overlooked some indiscretions he saw on the Triumph and we ended up rapping about bikes, he ran my info and ended up saying, "stay safe out here, that's a beautiful bike!" By the way, yes it is.

And that's as it should be. I wasn't exactly being crazy out there, nor were Joanna Marinova and Darrel Jone engaged in sexual acts, nor did she "sneak in" to Old Colony. But when you have jackass cops like those who violated CORI, and jackass newspapers like the Herald, you can indict a ham sandwich... or stain someone's reputation at the drop of a hat. I'm here as a former LE Attorney to put all the cards on the table. Movie tomorrow night, get your popcorn ready.

Issue #1 Just watch the end of the movie.
Issue #2 Just watch the end of the movie.
Issue #3 Just watch the end of the movie.
Issue #4 Just watch the end of the movie.
Stay tuned for my review of the audio. Unlike the Herald, I try to get it right, and I have never been sued for Defamation, and I sure as hell don't plan on starting now.

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